Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 4 (63) Notes

It seems there is one episode of Attack of Titan that’s airing between when I ended my Fall 2020 reviews and when I will begin my Winter 2021 reviews. So I’m covering it here. All I did was take a few notes, so it’s brief. Anyway, let’s rant!

Attack on Titan (Final Season)

Episode 4 (63)

There was a lot packed into this one episode, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Willy Tybur plans a big change to the country of Marley, as post-war politics play out at the banquet, and the young titan warrior candidates keep training, competing, and playing. The day of the festival comes, and the kids have a lot of fun. But disaster in on its way. The episode ends with Falco leading Reiner to “Mr. Kruger” in an underground room. Reiner immediately recognizes him as Eren.

There were several other interesting things, such as Kruger’s encounter with his mentally ill grandfather, the story of Helos the Warrior, and the insights into Marley’s relations with other countries. I found it very cute when Falco said he cared about Gabi. And it was funny how that went right over her head. Next episode is going to be intense, so it was good to have some lighter-hearted moments.


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