Winter 2021 Episode Reviews (Week 1)

Welcome! We’re starting up the Winter 2021 episode reviews here at Anime Rants. I’ve chosen seven series this time. This first week, only about half of them have episodes out. But by next week, the others will be here too! Let’s begin.

Attack on Titan Final Season

Episode not yet aired to New Year Break. Please check next week’s post!

Beastars 2nd Season

Episode 1 (13)

Beastars was pretty straightforward. Two months have passed. Haru and Legosi are keeping their relationship quiet and Haru is making things unclear about whether they are really dating. While rumors circulate about a mysterious monster in the school, Louis suddenly returns and quits the theater club. The episode ends with Legosi confronting the “monster,” whose species still hasn’t been shown.

For me the most interesting thing about this episode was the interaction between Louis and Legosi. Louis is acting even more haughty and distant than usual. He also says something mysterious to Legosi: “the light and dark have reversed.” With Louis and also Juno making strides to becoming Beastars, Legosi is stuck wondering what to do with life. Is a mundane life of controlling his more beastly self really all there is? As usual in this anime, Legosi and Louis are fascinatng.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 2nd Season

Episode not yet aired. Please check next week’s post!

Re: Zero 2nd Season (Part 2)

Episode 14 (39)

Despite a cheerful and hopeful beginning, things still seem pretty sad and hopeless in Re:Zero. I think so mostly because of Emilia’s troubles. I don’t know what Puck was thinking breaking his contract with Emilia. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Apparently I empathize with Emilia a lot more than I realized, because it was really painful watching this happen. To top it off, Subaru once again failed to do the one thing Emilia asked, which was to stay with her that night. I wonder what kind of excuse this idiot is going to use. Besides that, the new information about the Ryuzu copies was interesting, and seeing Otto take action to help Subaru was great. I’m looking forward to what happens next.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars

Episode not yet aired. Please check next week’s post!

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni GOU

Episode 14

It was a heavy and dark episode of Higurashi. First we were shown what happened at the end of the previous arc. Detective Oishi had Hinamizawa Syndrome for some reason. He killed Rika and many others at Watanagashi. To make things far worse for Rika, all that was left of Hanyuu faded away. But the spirit left behind two gifts: first, the ability to remember events from each world loop, and second, a piece of a mystic sword capable of killing existences like that of Rika. All that remains of the sword is a fragment, but it’s enough to cut open a throat easily enough. Rika decided she would try five more times to break free from the looping worlds; if that fails, she will kill herself.

The Promised Neverland 2nd Season

Episode 1

The Promised Neverland’s second season started off extremely well with a lot of adventure and action. The outside world is not how I expected it to be. Instead of being “normal” like the farm, everything looks like it’s from a fantasy world. There are otherwordly plants, giant trees, and savage monsters, in addition to the intelligent demons pursuing the children. The pen that Norman left ended up being a high-tech holographic guide unlocked by codes; this was unexpected too. The one behind the guide is William Minerva, the same entity who left clues behind in the books at the children’s farms. In other notes, I am very interested in who these two creatures are who saved Emma and the others. Hopefully, they are demons who don’t eat humans.

That’s all for now so thanks for reading! Next week I’ll have episodes for TenSlime and Stone Wars. Take care now!


6 thoughts on “Winter 2021 Episode Reviews (Week 1)

  1. I do need to make progress on higurashi and make a start on promised never land. Your post has inspired me in a way rants πŸ˜ƒ, to do a post like this

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  2. 7mononoke, I think you should maybe make an exception and add Horimiya to the list of shows you’re covering. Horimiya had the best start of anime this season. I can’t guarantee it’ll remain that good, but it had a very promising start.

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      1. So I watched the first episode and I must say I liked it quite a bit! Thanks for recommending it to me! I don’t think I have time to add another episode review to my weekly notes, but I will keep watching the anime. At the end of the season, I’ll do a series review. Sound good?

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