Winter 2021 Episode Reviews (Week 4)

Welcome! Anime Rants is covering the latest episode of AoT, Tensura, Dr, Stone, Re:Zero, Higurashi, Beastars, and The Promised Neverland. Enjoy!

Attack on Titan Final Season

Episode 7 (66)

Action, violence, and destruction continued in this week’s episode of AoT. Mikasa and the scouts defeated the Cart Titan, Levi captured the Beast Titan, and Eren ate the Warhammer Titan. Armin became the Colossal Titan and dealt a major blow to Marley’s navy forces. At the end, the desperate screaming of Falco and Gabi finally awakened Reiner. The Armored Titan approaches the Attack Titan just as it was about to eat the Jaw Titan.

Armin is my favorite character in AoT, so it was good to see him this episode, even if it was really sad. By this time, Armin has destroyed several Marleyan fleets that came to Paradi Island. He’s also had a lot of time to process the memories of Bertholdt. Yet these things still seem to trouble Armin four years later. I think this means that he hasn’t changed much at his core. He’s still the introspective, gentle-natured Armin that I love.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 2nd Season

Episode 3


It was another laidback and reasonably entertaining episode of TenSura. This series kind of reminds me of Log Horizon in that I’m not very attached to the characters and the atmosphere is not one of danger and high stakes. Normally I would skip a show like TenSura except that I do love the character of Rimuru. I’m also starting to grow fond of some other characters.

Rimuru and King Dwargo got along fine and all the political speeches and meetings were handled. The only issue was that Rimuru humbles himself too much when he is supposed to be a national leader. After all that, some of the goblin boys and Rimuru visit the Elf club where they get very special treatment from the ladies. Shion and Shuna are pissed when they find out, though I don’t see how it’s their business. At the end of the episode, Youm the human warrior meets Myulan the wizard and gets his ass handed to him in a fight with her. It was rather satisfying. Plus it seems like they will be able to get along.

Dr. Stone (Stone Wars)

Episode 3

Dr. Stone was fairly entertaining this week. It was nice seeing Taiju and Yuzuriha. We were introduced to a new character, Nikki. She’s the guard assigned to watch them. After some persuasion, Senku and Gen won Nikki to their side. Though Nikki knew that Gen wasn’t the real Lilian, she still intends to betray Tsukasa if only to protect the last preserved song of the great artist. Chrome and Magma are still being hunted by one of Tsukasa’s guys, so I hope they don’t end up captured. We’ll see next week.

Re:Zero 2nd Season

Episode 17

Finally, we are getting into some really interesting shit. Emilia is retaking Echidna’s trial, but before they get to the painful parts, they visit Emilia’s happier memories. There is a lot to comment on, but I don’t have much time. It was weird seeing Guese as young and handsome; I assume he’s later going to go mad. Child Emilia is adorable. I predict that the seal is what’s keeping Satella’s powers in check, and Emilia will somehow break it in the next episode. That’s all I’ve got in me for now.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni- GOU

Episode 17

Things are getting even stranger in Higurashi Gou. The new world that Rika finds herself in is so perfect that it’s unsettling. Takano even cried and apologized for being part of the conspiracy that intended to kill Rika. Watanagashi passes with no tragedy. But something ominous finally happens at Satoko’s birthday party. It seems like Satoko might be the one repeating worlds now. That or she has somehow acquired a power that gives her control of Rika’s fate. At the end of the episode, Satoko’s eyes shine red the same way Rika’s did when she was connected to Hanyuu and the space between worlds. She points a gun at Rika. TBC.

As for my complaint about last episode, it’s still not confirmed that Satoko’s insane ramblings were true. There’s no proof that Oyashiro did all this to punish Rika. In fact, it seems like Satoko is the one who’s angry at the idea of Rika leaving the village. We’ll have to wait and see. I still don’t have a clear idea of what’s going on.

The Promised Neverland 2nd Season

Episode 4

For most of the episode, things were going great for Emma, Ray, and the other thirteen children. They were adjusting to life in the shelter and beginning to make plans to rescue those still trapped in the farms. But then a team of humans like a SWAT unit assaults the base. They nearly catch all the children, but there’s an unexpected turn of events. One of those enormous monsters from episode one appeared and attacked. It ate the adult humans, or most of them. Emma and company run through the forest, trying to escape.

Another interesting thing about this episode was getting to see Isabella again. The demons told her that she had one more chance; she would not be killed if she can catch every one of the escaped children. Also, she would earn freedom from the demons and receive one other benefit that the demon whispered. I’m not sure what he said. My guess is that she gets to have her child, Ray, survive. Isabella gladly takes the chance.

Beastars 2nd Season

Episode 4

Beastars got off to a quick and thrilling start as Legoshi was attacked and threatened by the mysterious carnivore who ate Tem. Legoshi left the school and approached Gouhin to ask him for self-defense and combat training. Meanwhile, an underworld stripper named Cosmos is almost eaten by an audience member. Louis and the Shishigumi save her and punish those responsible. As for how Louis is doing, things aren’t looking good. He can’t digest meat and is getting thin and weak. Just when he is almost persuaded by one of the lions to eat some vegetables, there’s an interruption. Juno has demanded to see the boss.

I have a lot of sympathy as well as respect for Louis. It was hard to see him suffering, even if he does not admit to the fact. He’s doing well to be on guard, but if he can use that lion as a way to secure herbivore food, it would work in his favor. I also like Jack the retriever and it was so sad when he cried for Legoshi. I hope he and Legoshi can still be friends whenever they reunite.

Thank you for reading this week’s episode reviews! See you soon at Anime Rants!


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