Fruits Basket MBTI

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Fruits Basket!)

Welcome one and all! Today we’ll look at the MBTI types of Fruits Basket characters! I haven’t read the manga, or seen the 2000 version all the way through; this post is based on the remake (seasons 1 and 2). There are many Fruits Basket characters, so as of now, only some of them have detailed notes with them. I can fill in the others later. For those which have no detailed notes, I will simply put my best guess for their type.

If you disagree on some of these type conclusions, feel free to discuss in the comments. However, please be polite and gracious. The last thing to mention before beginning is that I’ll mostly use the cognitive functions to determine type. That’s why the chart above is included. But sometimes I’ll rely on the letter method, too. Let’s rant!

Akito Souma: ISFP

Akito is the God to the Zodiac Spirits, sharing a supernatural and emotional bond with each of them. She is able to control them, at least to an extent. This girl is mentally and physically fragile, with a nasty attitude and the belief that she can get away with treating others horribly.

It seems that her emotional internal world is what drives her, leading us to conclude introverted feeling as the dominant function. While an INFP is keen on originality and possibilities, Akito seems more focused on physical reality and the senses. ISFP is likely her personality type. It’s also said that ISFPs are somewhat unpredictable, and when emotionally turbulent, become extremely defiant and defensive. This is fitting for Akito.

Arisa Uotani: ESTP

One of Tohru’s two closest friends, Arisa is the “female delinquent” character archetype. She’s rebellious, aggressive, and quick to fight or argue (except with Tohru). Arisa driven by action and not thought, physical reality and not theoretical ideas. Extroverted sensing fits this girl perfectly for dominant function. Arisa seems uncomfortable with expressing anything but anger and can be very insensitive. (Again, this doesn’t apply to Tohru). Still, she’s more of a logical person than an emotional one when it comes to the important things. The second function would be introverted thinking, making Arisa an ESTP.

Ayame Souma: ESFP

Ayame is Yuki’s older brother and the Snake Spirit of the Zodiac. He’s extroverted, confident, eccentric, and in love with the world of sensory experiences. Ayame runs his own clothing and design shop and enjoys his work immensely. Extroverted sensing is the only real option for this man’s dominant function. Second to that would be introverted feeling, as Ayame is highly emotional and processes things internally according to his values. As you can see, ESFP is the best choice for this character.

Hatori Souma: ISTJ

Hatori is the Souma family doctor and the Dragon Spirit of the Zodiac. He’s practical, logical, and serious. At first, he can be a little intimidating, but he has a caring and devoted heart. The two main functions for Hatori would be introverted sensing and extroverted thinking. As for their order, I wasn’t sure at first. If it’s Te Si then Hatori is ESTJ. If it’s Si Te then he is ISTJ. I think ISTJ is more fitting since he is a more private person who doesn’t necessarily need to be in charge and has an independent nature.

Hatsuharu Souma: ISFP

Hatsuharu or Haru is the Cow Spirit of the Zodiac. While he is usually very docile, calm, and thoughtful, he occasionally goes berserk and acts almost like another person. His emotionality– whether kind or angry– suggests a dominant Fi function. Although Haru is very imaginative, I think he leans toward sensing more than intuition. He’s very interested in the senses, experiences, and action. This means Haru is probably ISFP.

This young man has a unique personal style of dressing and can be quite stubborn about things. On the other hand, he is also a truly kind and gentle person. Compared to Akito, Haru is much more loving and accepting. He’s a unique and wonderful character.

Hiro Souma: ESTJ?

Hiro is the Ram Spirit of the Zodiac. Due to his age and limited screen time, it’s a bit hard to say his type. However, his aggressive tendencies, desire to be respected, and practicality could suggest ESTJ.

Isuzu Souma: ISFP

Isuzu or Rin is the Horse Spirit of the Zodiac. Like Akito and Hatsuharu, she is likely an ISFP. She’s more similar to Akito than Haru, being very stubborn and emotional. Like most people of this type, she has her own style and needs personal freedom to be happy.

Kagura Souma: ESFJ

Kagura is the bold Boar Spirit of the Zodiac who fell in love with Kyo. She’s very forward and aggressive sometimes, but really, what matters most to her is loving and caring for others (particularly Kyo). It’s almost immediately obvious that Kagura is a sensing type, but she’s also so strongly emotional and caring that sensing may not be the #1 function. I believe extroverted feeling is strongest for Kagura. She fits best into the ESFJ type, with top two functions being Fe and Si.

Kakeru Manabe: ESTP

Kakeru is the new vice president of the student council in season 2. He’s action-oriented, fair-minded, and extroverted, with the desire to bring everyone together for a good time. You could argue ESFP as his type, but I think Kakeru is a bit more grounded in logic by comparison.

Kana Souma: ISFJ

Kana is Hatori’s former fiance and Mayuko’s best friend. She is kind and loving to a fault, but also reserved and private. ISFJ seems fitting.

Kazuma Souma: INFJ

Kazuma, known to the characters as “Shishou,” is the surrogate father of Kyo after his biological father rejected him. He’s more than just kind; he is also uniquely thoughtful and deeply driven to defend and teach those who are outcasts. As an INFJ myself, it’s pretty easy to pick out characters of this type. The dominant functions, as you can see in the chart, are introverted intuition and extroverted feeling. This reflects Shishou’s introspective nature and his empathy and grace toward others.

Kimi Toudou: ESFP?

Starting in season 2, Kimi is a member of the student council with Yuki, Kakeru, and the others. I’m not quite sure of her type yet but she is definitely more sensing than intuitive. In addition, she’s very extroverted and socially oriented.

Kisa Souma: INFP

Kisa is the young Tiger Spirit of the Zodiac. She’s very timid, gentle, and thoughtful. INFP would be my guess for her type.

Kureno Souma: ISFJ

ureno is the Rooster of the Zodiac Spirits. He is soft-spoken but doesn’t mince words, and kind but very practical. Without a doubt, Kureno is a feeling person who can love others easily and wants to take care of people. So one of his two foremost functions would be extroverted feeling. But neither ENFJ nor ESFJ fit Kureno’s private, introverted nature. If we assume that Fe is the secondary function, the possibilities change to INFJ and ISFJ. Their dominant functions are Ni and Si, respectively.

It’s important to note that I do not understand the introverted sensing function well at all compared to the others. I wouldn’t know if a character was Si-dominant because I don’t know what Si entails. But I do think Kureno is more practical than imaginative– more oriented toward action than thought. It’s safe to say he’s sensing. So ISFJ is probably his type.

Kyo Souma: ESTP

Kyo is the outcast Cat Spirit of the Zodiac whose bitter attitude starts to change as he grows close to Tohru. He’s a profoundly physical, action-driven person who hates being boxed in more than anything. Though he has a hot temper, he’s quite logical when calm. In addition, Kyo is very out of tune with emotionality– his own and that of others. It’s pretty obvious that extroverted sensing would be his primary function. After that is introverted thinking. That ordering already points to the clear choice for Kyo’s type: the ESTP.

Kyouko Honda: ESTP

The mother of Tohru, Kyouko gave up a punk life in a motorcycle gang to care for her daughter. I think ESTP is the best bet for her MBTI type.

Machi Kuragi: INTP

Machi is one of my favorite characters and a new member of the student council starting in season 2. She’s extremely quiet and socially awkward, with no idea how to express herself. However, aside from troubling family issues, she is much more of a thinker than a feeler. In fact, because she wants everything to be logical, Machi is especially angered by those family disputes. This girl is very thoughtful, private, and intelligent. There’s still a lot I don’t know or understand about Machi. Honestly INTP is just a guess and I don’t have much to back it up yet. I look forward to season 3 for more character development.

Makoto Takei: ESTJ

Makoto was the student council president for season 1, graduating in season 2. His main role was comic relief, especially playing the reactive straight man in his interactions with the Souma family. He also has a humorous crush on Yuki. ISTJ or ESTJ are the likely choices since Makoto is a stickler for the rules and can be aggressive in enforcing proper conduct.

Mayuko Shiraki: ISTJ

Mayuko is the homeroom teacher for Tohru’s class. She once dated Shigure but is actually more interested in Hatori. Usually a very logical and practical person, Mayuko is a sensing type and a thinker. I think ISTJ is the right choice for her personality.

Mine Kuramae: ENFP

Mine is Ayame’s assistant at the clothing and design shop. She is as excitable and eccentric as Ayame, but probably has a slightly different personality type. I think she is a little more intuitive than Ayame. So I would guess ENFP.

Momiji Souma: ENFP

Momiji is the cheerful and childlike Rabbit Spirit of the Zodiac. He is wild, hyper, imaginative, open-minded, affectionate, emotional, and empathetic. Over the course of the show, he becomes one of Tohru’s closest friends.

This boy’s thoughtfulness and creativity definitely make him seem intuitive. Introverted feeling would have to be one of the main functions for Momiji, since he is deeply emotional and lives according to personal values. If feeling was the primary way he interacted with the world, Momiji would be an INFP. However, his chief mode of living is external, and he is an extrovert. So ENFP, with the top functions of Ne and Fi, is the best choice.

Motoko Minagawa: ESFJ

Motoko is the leader of the school’s Yuki Souma fan club. She’s obsessed with Yuki. Extroverted and with a commanding presence, Motoko can also be selfish and manipulative. She’s not a truly bad person at heart, however. I think she would be an ESFJ.

Naohito Sakuragi: ESTJ?

Naohito is one of the new members of the student council in season 3. He’s even more of a stickler for the rules and an aggressive enforcer than Makoto was. He doesn’t seem to have much sense of humor or fun, but always wants to get the work done and be proper. Going by MBTI stereotypes, ESTJ is likely. That’s mostly just a guess though.

Ritsu Souma: INFP

Ritsu is the Monkey Spirit of the Zodiac and struggles with deep feelings of unworthiness. It’s likely that INFP or ISFP would be his type.

Saki Hanajima: INFP

Like Arisa, Saki is one of Tohru’s two best friends. She’s quite mysterious, but once you get to know some of her behaviors and her past, it becomes easier to describe her personality. Personal values and ethics matter most to Saki, so when she feels she’s violated her own morals, it’s difficult for her to forgive herself. She definitely thinks in terms of introverted feeling. Saki is highly intuitive, much more interested in thoughts and ideas than physical senses and practicality. As someone private and quiet, Saki is a great example of an INFP.

Shigure Souma: ENTP

Shigure is the Dog Spirit of the Zodiac. He’s intelligent, talkative, mischievous, and something of a joker. If he’s not pushing people’s buttons for fun, he’s probably scheming up some new plan with his quick mind.

By MBTI stereotypes, it’s already clear Shigure is an ENTP. To be certain, let’s check the cognitive functions. Extroverted intuition is primary with introverted thinking secondary. The latter describes those who use internal logic systems to make decisions. The former describes those who have sharp, inventive minds and make thinking an active process of testing their ideas. This seems to be in line with Shigure.

Tohru Honda: EXFJ

Tohru is the main character in Fruits Basket, a humble and kind girl who begins to live with the Soumas. It took me a long time to get an idea of her type, and even now I’m not sure. Looking online for guidance didn’t help much since everyone has a different answer for Tohru’s type. As of now, I think she would have to be ENFJ or ESFJ. For both types, the dominant function is extroverted feeling, which fits Tohru as someone who loves to care for others and always considers their feelings. I can see arguments both ways for Si or Ni as the second function. Tohru seems to me to be in equal parts intuitive and sensing. After thinking it over for days, I’m a bit tired of this topic, so you can decide for yourself if she is ENFJ or ESFJ.

Yuki Souma: INFJ

My personal favorite character, Yuki is the Rat Spirit of the Zodiac. He is probably the most thoughtful and introspective character. His many emotional issues are explored throughout these two seasons. Without a doubt, Yuki’s primary function would have to be something that reflected his mind’s ability to process lots of ideas and information without even being completely conscious of it. But it would need to be closely paired with a function that represented Yuki’s great kindness and sensitivity. There is the perfect type for that, with the two top functions being introverted intuition and extroverted feeling– INFJ.

Note: I do think that sometimes, Yuki acts more like an INFP, with less direction and drive. However, this young man seems to be thorough by nature, one who keeps his obligations and sticks to good plans. Again, INFJ makes more sense.

Thanks for reading and I hope this post was useful and interesting! Take care now!


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      1. My readers are welcome to post their opinions about character MBTI. Yours, too, is an opinion. I personally think there are equal grounds to argue ISTP or ESTP. Obviously this blog is also just one anime fan’s opinion.


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