Sunday Select: 7 Favorite Anime Redheads

This Sunday at Anime Rants, I’ve compiled a list of seven of my favorite anime characters with red hair. This doesn’t include characters with more orangish hair (for example, Emma from The Promised Neverland). The seven entries are listed in alphabetic order and contain a few of my notes about who they are. Ready, set, rant!

1. Chise Hatori

Chise is the protagonist of The Ancient Magus’ Bride. She is a special existence who can use a lot of magic and see magical creatures, but in turn, is frail and has a scant lifespan. She is a melancholy, pensive girl with a touch of romanticism in her. I love this character design a lot as well as the romance between Chise and Elias.

2. Edward

Edward is a supporting character from the classic and popular 1998 anime, Cowboy Bebop. A master hacker and someone who loves working with machines, Ed is also quite mysterious. For one thing, she’s probably a girl, though there is some debate among fans. In terms of personality, Ed is energetic, wild, curious, and always looking for fun.

3. Grell Suttcliff

Grell is a shinigami (death god) with something of a chaotic neutral alignment. They seem to be male, but refer to themselves with feminine pronouns and may be transgender. They are lively, enthusiastic, and eccentric. In addition, Grell has a major crush on Sebastian the demon. (This character appears in Black Butler.)

4. Karma Akabane

Next is Karma from Assassination Classroom, whose popularity is especially high among the female fanbase. Natural good looks, sharp mind, and high charisma– what’s not to love? How about sociopathy? Karma is on the fast road to antisocial personality disorder with his lack of empathy and interest in assassination as well as torture.

5. Kurisu Makise

Kurisu or Kris is the main romantic interest in the 2011 Steins;Gate anime. She’s a brilliant scientist who already has published papers and gives lectures at seventeen years old. She’s kind and surprisingly timid at heart, but is sometimes seen as an aggressive tsundere due to her angry (but justified) reactions to Okabe’s ridiculous behavior. Kurisu is a beloved and popular anime character, and thus a good one to learn about.

6. Kyoko Sakura

Kyoko is a key character in the Madoka Magica anime series and movies. She’s a carefree, confident, and opportunistic girl with a shrewd and logical mind. The thing that pisses of Kyoko is when newbie magical girls misunderstand the system and act self-righteous without knowing anything. This girl is almost always seen with snacks in her possession. She’s feisty, smart, and cute.

7. Maria Akizuki

I mention Maria a lot since she is an important character in one of my top favorite anime series, Shinsekai Yori. She is a human in the distant future who can use an advanced form of psychokinetic power called Cantus. Maria becomes the lover of Saki, the main character, for some time. She is loving, insightful, and adorable.

Honorable Mention: Shirayuki (Snow White with Red Hair)

Thanks a ton for reading my work today! It was tough to pick just these seven, but I think I ended up with a good selection that suits my anime tastes. See you next time! Sayonara~


6 thoughts on “Sunday Select: 7 Favorite Anime Redheads

  1. Ed and Grell and Shirayuki heck yes! 😀 I love them so much, especially Ed. Yona and Hisoka are some more that I can’t get enough of.

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  2. I love that you slipped Edward in there! Another great character in a great show. Kurisu is great too, more subtly memorable than the others on this list. I hear you on Yona and Hisoka Tofu King! I know everyone knows her, but I can’t think anime and redhead without thinking of Erza Scarlet! She’s a boss.

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  3. Karma is one of my favorite characters and I agree with Blue Hawk about Ezra Scarlet. Another few people I can think of is Akashi Seijuro from Kuroko no Basuke a terifying captain that is thought of as absolute and nothing can defy him. As well as Ren Suzugamori from Cardfight Vanguard who is terifying in his own way when he is not being cute.

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