Winter 2021 Episode Reviews (Week 8)

Here’s this week’s episode reviews for my 7 selected winter 2021 anime! Enjoy~

Attack on Titan Final Season

Episode 11


Most of this week’s episode focused on Falco and Gabi, who escaped from their cells and ran until they were found by a certain family. It was the Blouse family. They allowed Falco and Gabi to stay with them. Gabi continues to be mentally unstable, violent, and hateful, while Falco tries to keep her calm. The orphan girl who found them (Kaya) knows they are from Marley and took them to the place where Sasha saved her from a Titan in season 2. She asks why her mother had to be eaten alive, and Falco explains the reason for the attack on the villages four years ago.

In other news, Eren has a lot of fans. Floch leaked information about him to the media, and was imprisoned. He was trying to rally support for Eren. Hange is overwhelmed trying to deal with this new trouble. Pyxis finds out that Yelena probably influenced Eren’s decision to attack Marley somehow. Speaking of Marley, they plan to form a global alliance against Paradi Island and attack in 6 months. But the titan holders want to attack sooner.

I usually don’t ramble this long for a single episode review, but I like the theme that everyone’s actions have far-reaching effects. A girl named Louise was saved by Mikasa during the defense of Trost. As a result, Louise joined the Survey Corps and has been trying to get close to Mikasa. Similarly, Sasha saved Kaya from a titan. Kaya now wants to be a hero like Sasha was, and help children who are in trouble. That’s why she’s wiling to help Gabi and Falco.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 2nd Season

Episode 7

(Shocked Rimuru)

It was a rather somber episode of TenSura, which was only to be expected after the dark events in the previous installment. Rimuru survived the fight with Hinata by making his doppelganger fight her and letting it get destroyed. Hinata was convinced she won and left the scene. Then Rimuru reunited with Ranga and they teleported to a cave just outside of Tempest. After crossing through the double barrier, Rimuru found Benimaru trying to attack Myulan. He ordered Myulan to come with him, and then headed to the main plaza.

It was a horrible sight. Dozens of dead goblin civilians had been laid and lined up for identification by their families and confirmation of death. The whole city is in shambles and small fires still burn. It’s Rimuru’s fault that they couldn’t fight back; he ordered monsters to never kill humans. It’s also Myulan’s fault since all the monsters were weakened by her magic barriers. After resisting the urge to kill Myulan, Rimuru assembles a council and finally learns the details of the attack from Falmuth. Here, Myulan also reveals to everyone that she serves Demon Lord Clayman.

There’s one thing I’m worried about that this episode didn’t cover. It’s confirmed that Shuna, Gobta, and the old goblin swordsmaster are alive. But nothing has been said about Shion, and she was not at the council meeting. I hope they didn’t kill her off. It’s more likely that she was captured by the people from Falmuth. We’ll see.

Re:Zero 2nd Season

Episode 21


I absolutely loved this episode of Re:Zero because it focused most on the three characters who seem most interesting to me right now, including my very favorite female character, Ram. The others are Emilia and Roswaal. The three of them had a talk outside the graveyard. Ram knelt before Emilia and asked her to help “save” Roswaal by successfully assuming the throne. Then Roswaal showed up and talked down to Emilia a lot. But the half-elf girl stood up for herself as well as for Subaru, shocking the Margrave.

Subaru, Garfiel, and Otto head to the mansion to save Petra, Ram, and Frederica. Meanwhile, Emilia goes to take the second trial. Roswaal has his own plan. He goes to the magic crystal where Ryuzu sleeps, planning to use it to bring snowfall on the sanctuary. But before he can get started, Ram interrupts. She says that she has come to take Roswaal away from the Witch’s delusions. She is both rebelling against him, finally, and trying to save his clouded heart. Roswaal implies there’s no way she can win, but Ram reveals she has the assistance of Puck! To be continued.

I always knew I loved Ram. But I love her even more now that we know more about her contract with Roswaal, and we get to see her taking such a bold stand against him. As for Roswaal, I think he’s fascinating and kind of cool, but he’s still an antagonist after all. I’m Glad Ram is fighting him. Also, I’m happy to see Puck again. It finally makes sense why he left Emilia. (And it’s probably only temporary.) He had to be free to collaborate with Subaru and help Ram fight Roswaal. This is exciting! Can’t wait for more.

Note: Due to personal circumstances, I don’t have energy or focus to write detailed reviews for the rest of these series this week.

Dr. Stone (Stone Wars)

Episode 7

In Dr. Stone, the main thing that happened was winning Ukyo over to Senku’s side. We also saw that Yuzuriha is putting the broken statues back together. At the end of the episode, as Senku and company are preparing to attack, Tsukasa discovers the buried phone.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni- GOU

Episode 21

In Higurashi, we saw Satoko get her powers from that deity that I assume is Oyashiro. She repeated the world and again went to school with Rika. From Satoko’s insane perspective, Rika abandoned her. In reality, Rika was always there trying to offer help. Satoko set up a trap which succeeded in killing herself and Rika both in order to reset the world again. This episode confirmed that Satoko is an irredeemably abhorrent person and the character I hate most. Even without any Hinamizawa Syndrome, she’s still violent and insane. There’s nothing that could happen in this point in the series to redeem such a wholly rotten character.

The Promised Neverland 2nd Season

Episode 7

In the Promised Neverland, Emma and Ray finally talk to Norman alone at length. Norman reveals the history of Mujika, “The Evil-blooded Girl” and how her powers can make demons who don’t need to eat humans. Norman wants to kill Mujika, but Emma objects and tells the truth about how she doesn’t want to wipe out the demons. Norman doesn’t budge. So Emma proposes a deal: Norman will hold off on the attack for 5 days while Emma and Ray locate Mujika and Sonju.

Although Norman agrees, he later tells his followers from Lambda that he doesn’t have any intention of stopping the attack. He wants to kill Mujika. It’s also revealed that Norman has been experimenting on demons the exact same way or worse that they experiment on humans. This is how he invented the regression drug. At the end of the episode, we see Norman getting sick and coughing up blood. It seems he might not have much longer.

Beastars 2nd Season

Episode 8

Beastars showed us some tense but enjoyable interactions between herbivores and carnivores. Sheila the leopard went clothes shopping with Peach the sheep. Juno reluctantly helped Haru with work in the gardening club. Meanwhile, Legoshi fought with a hyena who is addicted to eating meat and killing creatures. He won by using the strength of his limbs instead of his weakened jaw. Louis witnessed an alligator captive having parts cut off of him and bought by a herbivore, the opposite of the usual situations. It didn’t seem to trouble Louis at all, since he grew up as “a piece of meat with a price tag” for most of his childhood. Ibuki reveals that he was in a similar situation, but was able to escape. That’s all for this episode.

Thank you for reading! I truly appreciate it. Take care now!


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