Sunday Select: 7 Favorite Purple-Haired Anime Characters

Hey, thanks for stopping by Anime Rants today! Presented here is a list of seven of my personal favorite purple-haired anime characters. I wrote up this post spontaneously and only had a few hours to work on it, so forgive me if it’s a bit rough. Let me also explain that I did not pick characters based on their fame or popularity. That’s why you don’t see iconic characters like Misato (Evangelion) or Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop) on here. Instead, I chose the characters whose personalities and character arcs I personally liked the most.

Note: I wanted to include Minene Uryuu from Future Diary, but unfortunately, she didn’t quite make the top 7. She is the honorable mention for today, however– hence the cover image.

1) Anthy Himemiya

Anime: Revolutionary Girl Utena and Adolesdence of Utena

Notes: Anthy has a really interesting character arc in RGU. Her personality is unusual too. I like the colors in her character design, and I love her voice. In the movie, Adolescence of Utena, Anthy is even cuter than before and overcomes her issues to love Utena.

2) Benten

Anime: The Eccentric Family

Notes: Benten is a charming and mysterious character with a dangerous side. Her personality, character design, and voice are all highly attractive to me. I like how she “loves” tanukis and will even get to know them, but still hunts and eats them once a year.

3) Crona

Anime: Soul Eater

Notes: Crona is my favorite enby anime character I’ve encountered so far. I love and empathize with the psychological journey this character goes through towards becoming a healthier, happier person. I also think they are simply adorable and I would try to adopt them if I existed in the Soul Eater World.

4) Motoko Kusanagi AKA “The Major”

Anime: Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex (both seasons)

Notes: There are several versions of this character from different productions, but I like the Standalone Complex version best. The Major is a fine example of a strong and smart female main character in anime. She’s a true warrior who commands respect and always gets the job done.

5) Rika Furude

Anime: Several series in the universe of Higurashi When They Cry

Notes: On the outside, Rika seems like a cute and well-behaved 11-year-old girl who does her best to be the village’s shrine maiden. But there’s a lot more to Rika than meets the eye. I won’t give spoilers though, so watch the series yourself!

6) Yuki Nagato

Anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2 seasons), and The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Notes: There’s a lot of people who hate Haruhi but love Nagato; I love them both equally. Anyway, I love the lore of what kind of being Nagato is and what she’s doing, as well as her slow tendency to become more “human.” Her powers are also amazing and bad-ass.

7) Yuri Nakamura

Anime: Angel Beats

Notes: Yuri is definitely one of my top 3 favorites on today’s list. I adore her personality and leadership skills, and sympathize deeply with her character’s emotional journey. Plus she has a very cute character design.

That’s it for today’s short list, so thanks for reading! Take care now!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Select: 7 Favorite Purple-Haired Anime Characters

  1. Most basic answer, My enjoyment of the franchise definitely lowered through the years. Future Trunks is still one of my favorite purple haired canine Characters

    Also I’d Corona hair is more Pink then Purple

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