Higurashi no Naku Koro ni MBTI

Warning: This article contains spoiler warnings for Higurashi When They Cry

Hey, thanks for stopping by Anime Rants! Today we have another list of characters from an anime with their MBTI types. Higurashi When They Cry is one of my favorite series that I have followed and enjoyed for 9 years now. Since it’s still continuing with Higurashi Sotsu, I thought it would be well-timed to make an MBTI post about it. There are multiple sites or blogs that have done this before, but I try to include detailed notes about my conclusions. I like to think that gives it originality and provides insight to fellow Higurashi fans.

Now, the usual disclaimers apply. You can’t really know for certain what MBTI types fictional characters would have, and there are bound to be disagreements. In particular, I noticed that my opinions differ greatly from those at The Personality Database’s listing for Higurashi. If you disagree with the types presented here, please discuss it politely. Rude comments will be deleted. Also, please do not use the comment section for linking your own MBTI posts. Thank you for understanding.

One other note: I believe there is more than one way to determine MBTI type. So on some posts, I use analysis of the cognitive functions. On others, like this one, I primarily use my understanding of the four preferences. Don’t expect a cognitive function analysis for most of these characters. Now that the notes and disclaimers are out of the way, let’s get started!

Akane Sonozaki: ISTJ

Akane is the mother of Mion and Shion who makes only a few brief– but memorable– appearances. She comes across as elegant and graceful, but stern and stringent. It’s Akane’s job to be the refined but strong woman of the Sonozaki household, which includes many duties, such as caring for Oryou. ISTJ is probably the best choice for Akane’s type, since she is practical, dutiful, and logical, holding herself and others to high standards. Unlike the ESTJ, she’s more reserved and doesn’t always need to be in charge.


Eua is a mysterious, godlike entity who appears starting in Higurashi Gou. My notes only include the information we have from that anime, but if you want to know about her true identity, look at the When They Cry universe fandom wiki. Eua is the being who grants power to Satoko so she becomes one who lives in loops.

In terms of personality, she is articulate, easygoing, and charming. Despite that, she’s emotionally detached and never shows a bit of consideration. Eua’s primary motivation is to be entertained, but unlike the ESTP, she doesn’t need first-hand experience or new physical thrills to be satisfied. Knowledge and amusement gathered from watching others are what’s more important. As an extroverted, present-minded thinker with a logical mind, Eua is probably an ENTP. She certainly fits the stereotype of being a Devil’s Advocate and challenging others however she can for her own amusement.

Hanyuu: INFP

Hanyuu is the godlike entity who is the truest representation of Oyashiro, the guardian god of Hinamizawa. Despite this, her powers are incomplete for reasons unknown. In addition to being the one who reincarnates Rika into a new world after each death, Hanyuu is also Rika’s constant companion. They kept each other company for about a hundred years.

To the extent that she lets Rika tease her, Hanyuu is timid, nonconfrontational, and gentle-natured. She is very sweet and loving, but shy and not used to interacting with other beings. It’s clear that she would be introverted and feeling. She’s not as serious or reliable as a judging type, so she’s a perceiver. The only remaining question is whether Hanyuu is INFP or ISFP. I’ve heard both arguments from various places online. For now, I think she is INFP due to her abstract existence and lack of touch with the physical world that sensing types love so much.

Hifumi Takano: INFJ

Dr. Hifumi Takano is the professor who raised Miyo after her parents died tragically. He is the only known professional researcher to thoroughly investigate Hinamizawa Syndrome, hypothesizing that it is caused by microscopic brain parasites. Hifumi is a loving grandfather figure and a quiet, kind man in general. He was driven by his research not for glory but to lay the groundwork for finding a cure to help people.

Working for such a grand cause is certainly a stereotypical trait of the INFJ. But there’s enough reason besides that to conclude Hifumi’s type. We know he is introverted and feeling. To be so focused and thorough he is probably a judging type. And he possesses the intellect and abstract mind of an intuitive type. Therefore, he’s INFJ.

Jirou Tomitake: ISFX

Jirou Tomitake is a freelance photographer who visits Hinamizawa periodically to take pictures of the birds and the scenery. He met Miyo Takano there and the two of them became an unofficial couple. Jirou tries to fight against Takano’s plans once he finds out about the conspiracy. In the timelines where Takano’s plan failed, this kind man forgives her and helps her survive the aftermath.

Being highly interested in the physical world, with pursuits like photography and fitness, Jirou is certainly a sensing type. He’s so loving and empathetic that he must also be a feeler. In addition, the somewhat awkward man is probably an introvert. Though a strong argument could be made for ISFP, I believe Jirou leans closer to ISFJ. He’s just a bit more thoughtful, cautious, and reliable than the typical ISFP. However, it’s also true that Jirou is adaptable, laid-back, and good at changing things up on the go. This photographer is one of the most loving and forgiving characters in Higurashi.

Keiichi Maebara: ENFP

Although it turns out that Keiichi was not the real “main character” of Higurashi, he is still one of the most important protagonists. He is a boy from the city who moved to Hinamizawa due to personal circumstances. There, he befriended the main girls and joined the Game Club. Keiichi has a lot of traits typical of a shounen anime hero, and definitely brings that “main character” sort of energy. Confident, optimistic, and a bit mischievous, he’s never short on zany energy or enthusiasm. He’s the truest kind of friend: one who reacts with kindness and helpfulness rather than judgement and disappointment. (That is the case at least when he is sane.)

Keiichi is the textbook ENFP, one of the most fun and uplifting types to be around. It’s fairly obvious that he is extroverted and feeling. His flexible, spontaneous, and adaptable personality suggests perceiving. It might be tricky at first, but if you pay attention, you can tell Keiichi is more intuitive than sensing. He’s the farthest thing possible from being practical. He’s much more of an idea person with a wild imagination. So it seems ENFP is the perfect fit.

Kiichirou Kimiyoshi: ISFJ

“Mayor” Kimiyoshi is the village leader of Hinamizawa and a member of one of the three Great Families. He is the representative of the Kimiyoshi Family. There’s no getting around the fact that Kimiyoshi is complicit in the evils done by Oryou. He won’t ever stand up to her. He’s also traditionalistic and stubborn, like any old “boomer.” But the old man has a heart, and thinks of Mion and Shion as his grandkids. He has a soft spot also for village kids like Rika who are respectful. As for personality, there’s not a lot of specific evidence to go on due to Kimiyoshi’s small roles. I postulate that he’s ISFJ based on the traits associated with that type, such as being responsible and practical but sweet.

Kuraudo Ooishi: ENTJ

A police chief and detective in the neighboring town of Okinomiya, Ooishi also has jurisdiction over Hinamizawa. Depending on the timeline, he’s often unwelcome there for two reasons. Firstly, it’s because he is always sniffing around and suspecting Hinamizawa people of committing the series of mysterious deaths. Secondly, Ooishi’s general attitude is difficult for anyone to put up with for very long. He’s a very in-your-face person, pressing buttons to get reactions, and being passive-aggressively confrontational. Though Ooishi is usually a fine cop, he sometimes becomes too forceful. In one timeline, he was cruel to a suspect (Keiichi) without justification.

Ooishi has a sharp, curious, and intuitive mind and an extroverted nature. His logical thinking is a plus, but his tendency to be inconsiderate and manipulative makes him hard to get along with. He’s likely a thinking type. Lastly, this cop is thorough, hard-working, and always cooking up some kind of plan. Compared to an ENTP, Ooishi is more focused and more likely to be in a leadership position. He is almost certainly an ENTJ.

Kyousuke Irie: INFP

Dr. Irie is a general physician as well as the head of the research program investigating Hinamizawa Syndrome. He’s incredibly earnest and caring, though perhaps a bit naïve. Thanks to Irie and Takano, a method was found that could keep the Syndrome in check as long as it didn’t reach its final and most deadly stage. Irie is fond of Satoshi and Satoko, and continues striving for a way to bring Satoshi back to sanity. In the meantime, he dotes on Satoko and wants to help her however he can.

With his reserved, humble nature, Irie is likely an introvert. He wants harmony and wellness for everyone, and grows to care about people very quickly. He’s a feeling type. I believe the doctor is also an intuitive person, someone who thinks in terms of possibilities, hopes, and ideas. He’s also just kind of spacey and a bit eccentric, which is more common in intuitive types compared to sensing types. Last of all, Irie is slightly more perceiving than judging. He shows the idealism and optimism of an INFP. I think that’s a better fit than the more cautious and introspective INFJ.

Mamoru Akasaka: ISTJ

As a young man, Akasaka came from Tokyo to investigate the child kidnapping in Hinamizawa. He met Rika when off duty, and she showed him the sights of the village. To Rika, Akasaka is a special existence– the only person to whom she came close to telling the truth about her suffering. Rika also went out of her way to warn Akasaka about his wife’s death and prevent it. In several timelines, Akasaka returns years later to Hinamizawa to help Rika as thanks.

This man is brave, sincere, and dedicated. He’s strong and skilled with combat. Although Akasaka is reasonably confident, he still seems more introverted than extroverted. It’s fairly obvious that he’s a sensing type as well as a judging type, being practical, thorough, and serious. Some will say Akasaka is a feeling type, and there are grounds for this. However, I see the man as more of a thinking type because his overall personality is more like an ISTJ than an ISFJ. That’s not to say he’s not caring, because he certainly has a good level of compassion. I simply see him as more logical and fair than emotionally motivated.

Mion Sonozaki: ESFJ

Mion is one of the main 5 kids/teens in Higurashi When They Cry. She is the identical twin of Shion, but is considered the older sister because she was born a few minutes earlier. The Sonozaki Family has immense power in the village and they operate like a mafia group. Mion is next in line to be the family head. In the meantime, she enjoys herself at school by starting a game club and getting the younger members fired up for competition every time. She’s rambunctious, confident, and something of a tomboy. Her sweeter, nervous feminine side stays hidden most of the time.

An extrovert to the core, Mion is energetic and people-oriented. She’s also practical and helpful, volunteering around to help out at shops or with small jobs around Hinamizawa and Okinomiya. Her common sense is much more pronounced than her intellect, and she respects authority and tradition. Additionally, Mion is loyal, compassionate and caring. Based on this information, she is clearly an ESFJ. The two other contenders would have to be ESFP and ESTJ. The former doesn’t make sense for someone as responsible and leader-like as Mion. The latter doesn’t quite fit either because of Mion’s loving nature. Therefore, ESFJ is the best choice.

Miyo Takano: INFJ

On the surface, Miss Takano seems like a kind and thoughtful nurse at the Irie Clinic. Once you get to know her, you find out she’s quite eccentric, being obsessed with her research on Hinamizawa, and excited by scary or violent stories. And of course, if you dig deeper, you will find that Takano is the mastermind who causes the series of mysterious deaths and kills Rika in so many worlds. Her reasons for doing something that horrific is to prove to the world that Hinamizawa Syndrome exists, thereby validating her grandfather’s research as well as her own self-worth.

Though usually warm and polite, Takano has few friends and is private by nature. Thoughtful, introspective, and clever, she is no doubt an introvert and an intuitive type. This woman’s motives are ultimately personal and emotional; plus, she experiences powerful feelings beyond the level of the average person. So she must be a feeler. Lastly, Takano uses judging more than perceiving, evidenced mostly by her intense motivation and focus on long-term plans. Sometimes, Takano can seem more like an INTJ, but INFJ is a better fit due to her emotional reasoning.

Nomura: INTJ?

Despite her importance to Takano’s story, Nomura is a minor character who only appears briefly in Higurashi Kai and Higurashi Sotsu. She is part of a powerful clandestine organization with its hands in politics, business, and science. For certain political reasons, Nomura and her group agree to support and fund Takano’s research. However, despite pretending to show interest, Nomura has absolutely no attachment or loyalty to Takano or her goals. It’s hard to say Nomura’s MBTI type because she has so few appearances. Going by the stereotypes, though, INTJ is the best choice. She is the emotionally detached mastermind pulling the strings in the background.

Oryou Sonozaki: ESTJ

Possibly the most hate-worthy character in Higurashi, Oryou is a sack of rancid shit in human form. I personally find her more repulsive than the main antagonist Takano. She is a horrible old hag who is currently in charge of the mafia-like Sonozaki family. In some worlds, Oryou helps Keiichi rescue Satoko from abuse, but only after a great deal of fighting. There are so many things I hate about Oryou, but I’ll tell you one of the most horrendous examples. This psychopath ordered her followers to torture her granddaughter Shion. She watched calmly while the order was carried out. Oryou is likely an ESTJ, but that doesn’t mean all ESTJs are cruel psychos. Terrible people can come from any type.

Rena Ryuugu: INFP

Rena is one of the 5 or 6 main kids in Higurashi, as well as being the poster child for the anime franchise. She was originally from Hinamizawa, but moved away at some point. After her parents’ divorce, Rena and her father returned to the village. Due to her experiences with Hinamizawa Syndrome, Rena believes in Oyashiro as the god of Hinamizawa. And that’s not all that makes her eccentric. She loves cute things so much that she can never restrain herself from joyful excitement when something cute is around. She also likes to spend time in the junk yard, collecting things she fancies and bringing them home to the garden.

Rena is sensitive and very much a feeling type. She can get emotional rather easily and wants harmony. Most likely intuitive, this clever and intelligent girl is captivated by the world of possibilities. Compared to judging types, she is usually more laidback and much less concerned with the future. In a way, she idolizes her present life. Although Rena is fairly confident and social, she’s still a bit more introverted than someone like Keiichi. That’s why I think she is more like an INFP than an ENFP. Even though she has the same personality type as Hanyuu, Rena is an example of an INFP who isn’t so passive or timid.

Rika Furude: INFJ

At last we come to the entry for Higurashi’s true main character, Rika. This girl is a special existence who “lives in loops.” After her death in one world, her consciousness is reincarnated into another. Rika spends about a hundred years trapped in Hinamizawa, trying to find a way to survive the summer of 1983. Every time, someone kills her, and she can’t remember her death or the hours leading up to it. Since no one would believe this, Rika keeps it secret, and pretends to be a cute and well-behaved 11-year-old. Additionally, this girl is the shrine maiden of the temple in Hinamizawa, and the last surviving member of the Furude family.

Rika is a bit hard at first to type since she has two distinct sides to her personality. There’s the cute and always cheerful child Rika, and the serious, wise, and depressed adult Rika. For this post, I’m mostly talking about the latter, but some of it does carry over into both. If I had to guess, then child-Rika would probably be more like an ENFJ, and adult Rika INFJ.

To begin with, Rika is private and mysterious, keeping herself at a certain distance from everyone (except Satoko). She’s introverted. There’s no doubt that she’s an intuitive type whose introspective, sometimes abstract thinking keeps her mind busy. It’s likewise very clear she is a feeler; even after a hundred years of suffering, she cannot become completely emotionally detached. Rika loves her friends dearly and can’t stand tragedy befalling them. She is also working toward an ideal world, which knows her natural idealism. With her determination to find a happy future, she is a judger more than a perceiver. That’s the breakdown of why Rika is INFJ.

Final Note: INFJs are known to be mysterious, wise, and complex in nature. They are usually extremely determined and altruistic people. These things are all true of Rika, too. She is one of anime’s best examples of an INFJ.

Rina Mamiya: ESFP

A minor supporting character, Rina is a hostess at a gentleman’s host-club bar. She meets Rena’s father there and begins to use him for his money. In some versions of the world, Rina becomes violent after Rena interfers with her scams. In other worlds, Rina either makes no contact with Rena’s father, or decides not to pursue him past a certain point. In Higurashi Sotsu, Rina tried to have a heart-to-heart with Rena and never became the slightest bit violent. Anyway, with a job like a hostess and an intense love for the finer things in life, this woman is probably an ESFP. She loves the spotlight and being admired, which is fitting for the type sometimes known as “The Entertainer.”

Rumiko Chie: ISXJ

Miss Chie is the teacher at the small, mixed-grade school in Hinamizawa. She’s only a minor character, but is helpful in the arcs where Satoko is rescued from her abusive uncle. Chie is kind but stern, emphasizing good behavior as a teacher should. She cares immensely about making sure the next generation of Hinamizawa is educated adequately. I think the main contenders for her type are ISFJ and ISTJ. The latter makes a little bit more sense to me, but I’m not completely sure. Chie can be empathetic and/or emotional, so perhaps she is a feeling type. It could go either way.

Satoko Hojo: EXTP

Satoko is another one of the 5 or 6 main kids in every Higurashi arc. She is Rika’s best friend and lives alone with her since both lost their parents. Satoko’s parents were supporters of the dam during the “dam war,” and cursed by the village as a result. Even in the present day, Satoko is treated badly because of her parents and family. With so much stress in her life, she is prone to Hinamizawa Syndrome, which Dr. Irie keeps under control. Starting in Higurashi Gou, Satoko becomes an insane and cruel yandere villain, torturing Rika throughout several worlds to break her will and keep her inside the village.

The personality of Satoko is entertaining and interesting. She’s lively and extroverted, extremely mischievous, and a bit manipulative. She’s the best in the Game Club at setting up traps and orchestrating clever wins. Although she can form very strong emotional attachments, I believe Satoko is a thinking type. With her flexibility and laidback nature, she’s also a perceiver. But the real question is whether this girl is sensing or intuitive. I can think of strong arguments both ways. Personally, I lean toward the idea of her being intuitive. But since there are equally valid reasons to think she is sensing, I am not certain. All I can say is Satoko is either ENTP or ESTP.

Satoshi Hojo: INFP

Satoshi is the older brother of Satoko and a supporting character important to the other characters’ histories. Shion had a powerful crush on Satoshi. He was a great big brother who protected Satoko from abuse. He was excellent at baseball and got along well with Irie. Unfortunately, due to the stress of taking care of Satoko, the young man contracted Hinamizawa Syndrome. Since it progressed to its late stages, Dr. Irie could not heal it. So he keeps Satoshi alive but sedated in the underground lab. Most people think Satoshi ran away or was killed by Oyashiro’s curse.

As for personality, we have yet another INFP. Like Hanyuu, Rena, and Irie, Satoshi has a sweet and loving heart. He’s quiet and kind. Confrontations are extremely stressful to him, but he will still fight if someone else needs protection. Satoshi is introverted and feeling to be sure. He lacks the drive and thoroughness of a judging type. As for the other preference, I think Satoshi is slightly more intuitive than sensing. He isn’t particular practical or sensible.

Shion Sonozaki: ENFJ

Shion is the “younger” identical twin sister of Mion, as well as my favorite character besides Rika. Ever since she was born, she was mistreated by her family, especially by her evil grandmother. To keep her out of their hair and minimize her troublesome existence, they sent Shion to a strict private girls’ school far from Hinamizawa. At age 17, Shion ran away from there and returned to the village. She began investigating the series of mysterious deaths, and she suspects her family of being the culprits.

Despite having faced so much opposition, Shion presents in a cheerful, energetic way. She’s quite people-oriented. But unlike Mion, Shion embraces and accentuates her femininity, and is generally more poised and polite. With her propensity to love and defend others, and her deeply emotional mind, there’s no doubt this girl is a feeling type. She’s also a judger, organized in her efforts and driven to succeed. So far, it sounds like Shion is quite similar to Mion. The difference in their personality types is in the second preference. While Mion is strongly sensing, Shion is strongly intuitive. She’s creative, intelligent, and well able to think outside the box. Compared to Mion, Shion is much more open-minded, but less practical.

Tatsuyoshi Kasai: ISTP

Among the mafia-like followers of the Sonozaki Family, only one man is a true ally of Shion. Kasai is Shion’s bodyguard, chauffer, and trusted companion. He an excellent shot with the gun and has access to black market weapons, including the illegally powerful taser he gave to Shion. With his physical skills, social reserve, and fair, logical mind, Kasai must be ISTX. I think he’s much more like an ISTP than an ISTJ. The ISTP type is known for possessing great physical skills and being rather unusual or unpredictable. They are “independents” largely unconcerned with what others think. On the other hand, an ISTJ is more socially conscious and concerned with ethics and stable, secure living. Kasai definitely seems ISTP.

Teppei Hojo: ESTP

Teppei is Satoko’s irresponsible uncle. Until Higurashi Gou, this man was awful and abusive in every world line. But eventually, there were worlds where Teppei had a chance for redemption. In the “good” worlds, he’s still prone to gambling, excessive drinking, and getting into fights. But he loves Satoko immensely and never harms her. Teppei is very social within his own circles. He is an action-motivated sensing type driven to find new and pleasant experiences. It’s likely that Teppei is a thinking type because he often forgets the human elements of emotions and ethics. A feeling type would probably not have those issues. Lastly, Teppei lives in the moment, making him a perceiving type. ESTP is the likely choice.

Tetsuro Okonogi: ESTJ

Okonogi is the commander of the Yama-Inu, a small force of mercenary soldiers assigned to help and protect Miyo Takano. This man has no qualms about helping Takano orchestrate killings and murder Rika. He follows orders. When the final operation fails, Okonogi finally turns on her, and tries to make her kill herself. He is extroverted in the sense that he’s driven to be a leader and command others. Pragmatic, focused on reality, and emotionally detached, Okonogi is sensing and thinking. Last of all, he’s a judging type, organized and thorough. Unfortunately this is another example of a merciless ESTJ without any ethical values.

With that, we have covered all the Higurashi characters worth writing about. There are various other minor characters, but there is insufficient evidence to even guess their personality types. There are also a few characters who don’t appear in the anime, but make their appearances in other forms of Higurashi media (Natsumi Kimiyoshi for instance). Anyways, thank you to everyone who read or skimmed over my post. Feel free to use it for a reference in your own Higurashi-related writings. I worked pretty hard on this one, so I hope it was interesting and entertaining. Thanks again and I’ll see you next time at Anime Rants!


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