Bloganuary – January Blog Challenge – Day 23

Hey there, readers! As you probably know, this is a blog about anime – but on occasion, I also make posts that are not related to that subject. Today, I’m continuing the Bloganuary challenge. It’s day 23, and the prompt is: “What’s a lie you tell yourself?”

I had a difficult time thinking of an answer. I feel like I’m pretty self-aware. Of course, everybody tells themselves lies or has inconsistencies in their thinking, and I’m no exception. After thinking it over for a few hours, I still couldn’t come up with anything serious or deep. However, I did arrive at a slightly silly and highly specific answer. The lie I tell myself is that beer and wine are not significantly contributors to my calorie intake and recent weight gain.

Although I seriously need to exercise more, my eating habits are usually ok-ish. I do snack too often during the day and I do eat too much meat, but otherwise, I’m not bad at managing caloric intake. Until we get to the beverages, that is. I drink a couple of times a week. When I do, I drink quite a lot for someone my size due to having a high tolerance. Naturally, eight or ten beers – or 1.5 liters of wine – incur a huge calorie toll. We’re talking maybe 1500-2000 calories from drinks alone. But I just keep lying to myself and telling myself that it’s not a big deal and I don’t need to pay attention to those calories.

I hope this was a satisfactory answer to today’s question. Thanks so much for reading, and remember to take some time for yourself this week! Maybe you can improve your lifestyle – I’ll keep working on mine, too. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bloganuary – January Blog Challenge – Day 23

  1. Hmm, I think the one lie I tell myself every morning is, “I don’t need to put any product in my hair, it looks totally fine.” Though for one tiny moment while looking in the bathroom mirror my hair might look somewhat sane, all it needs is the smallest whisper of a breeze for it to FLOOF! into a big cotton ball of a mane. Thankfully, I usually remember to check the mirror again before stepping out side (get horribly shocked that my hair has become so fluffy in just a few minutes) and then I try to tame the wild puffyness with a proper dose of hair mousse, hair clips, and maybe a hair band if the top part just won’t smooth out. And yet by the next morning, I will have somehow completely forgotten just how free and floaty my hair can be, and again think that I can just skip the curls containment treatment.

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  2. The more self aware I become the more my ego gets deflated. :0

    Lucky you! One drink and I’m feeling it. Two and there are no inhibitions left. Three and I’m worshiping at the porcelain throne. Sometimes it is a very delicate dance between feeling good, acting like an idiot, and nausea.

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