Bloganuary – January Blog Challenge – Day 24

Welcome! I have a busy day ahead. I’m surprised I have this time slot at all this morning. Anyway, today’s Bloganuary prompt is “How do you show love?”

The obvious answer is that it depends on who I’m showing love to and what kind of love it is. But I do have a few examples of ways in which I tend to show love. When it comes to family love, I usually give hugs and verbally express that I love my family members. Sometimes, on birthdays and holidays, I make cards for them on stationary.

As for friendship love, that varies a lot depending on the friendship, but I’m typically comfortable with hugs to express my care in person. I also show interest in my friends’ lives and try to be a good listener if they need to vent. Additionally, I show love by spending time with my online friends in voice chats, watching anime with them, and recommending shows and sites that they might like.

Then there’s romantic/sexual love. (Those two things are not always grouped together, but in general they are for me.) It’s been a long time since I’ve been in an official relationship, and I’m not looking for one. However, I have a friend with benefits who comes to see me sometimes, and I have several casual crushes among my online friends. We flirt a lot, and sometimes there’s romance or sexuality.

Anyway, if I’ve known the person long enough and it’s not weird, then I will tell them verbally that I love them, very often. I’m quite verbally affectionate. For a blog post like this, I don’t think I’m going to get into how I show my love sexually, haha. Other than that, my romantic love is quite similar to friendship love in the way I try to be a good listener and share interests. I’m more likely to send texts or personal DMs to someone I’m romantically involved with, which is another way to show love. And I think that’s it.

Thanks for reading~

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