Miyoko no Naku Koro ni

(When Miyoko Cries)

A Higurashi/ Umineko Fanfiction
By 7mononoke
Concept Creation: 8/09/19
Date began: 8/13/19

Introductory Information

(Warning: this section contains spoilers for Higurashi and Umineko no Naku Koro ni)

In season 2 of Higurashi (known as When They Cry: Kai) it’s revealed that Miyo Takano is the one behind all the mysterious deaths in Hinamizawa. It’s also revealed that Rika is reincarnated into a Hinamizawa of a different world line every time she dies. This is thanks to the power of Hanyuu/the spirit of Oyashiro. Because of her powerful and absolute determination, Takano kept winning in every world line, orchestrating the deaths and killing Rika. But after a hundred years, Rika and her friends make a miracle happen and managed to defeat Takano.

(Takano’s past was explored in the middle episodes of Higurashi Kai. Her real name was Miyoko Tanashi. Both her parents died in a car crash, and she spent at least a few days or longer at an orphanage called Sky House. Kids were cruelly abused and sometimes killed in that place. Miyoko temporarily escaped and found a phone booth to call her father’s friend Dr. Takano. He found her and adopted her. The girl adjusted her name to Miyo Takano.)

In Umineko, it becomes clear that Rika’s look-alike, Frederica Bernkastel the Witch, is an existence that was created from Rika during her hundred years of repeating timelines trying to defeat Takano. Fans speculate that Rika and Bernkastel became separate existences in Higurashi Rei (a short series of 7 episodes). Rika went back to being a happy, mature-for-her-age shrine maiden. But Bernkastel is a Witch, who like the other Witches in the Umineko series, does not particularly value human life.

Basic Plot Concept

The Witch of Miracles, Frederica Bernkastel, makes Miyoko Tanashi suffer through multiple short lives of misery that end with her dying before she can meet Dr. Takano. Bernakstel can’t deny that part of what drives her is revenge. Eventually, Miyo begins to remember her lives in past worlds. Things are about to change in major ways.

Like Higurashi and Umineko, this story will have several arcs (called Chapters) that each contain 2-6 installments or “episodes.”

Below is the content outline. As I come up with chapters, I will publish them as blog posts at Anime Rants and link each one back to this page.

Punishment Chapter (1st Arc)

1: Sudden Tragedy
2: Sky House
3: Mistake
4: The Witches’ Tea Party

Betrayal Chapter (2nd Arc)

5: Companions
6: Their Plan
7: Eriko
8: Fumie
9: A Nameless Penalty

Desperation Chapter 3rd arc)

10: Hope
11: Memories
12: Lambda

Escape Chapter (4th arc)

13: Sky House Staff
14: Let’s Talk
15: The Spy
16: Magic
17: So Close
18: New Rules

Enchantments Chapter (5th arc)

19: Bewitchment and Devilry
20: Fairy Dust
21: Nature’s Force

Miracle Chapter (Final Arc)

22: World 10
23: Certainty
24: Their Stories
4: Unknown
5: Unknown


Miyoko Tanashi: Main character. Type: INFJ. Tan-colored hair, brown eyes. Very pretty.

Meisa Ebina: Female Staff Member at Sky House. Type: INTJ. Dark green hair and eyes.

Hosoda: Male Staff Member at Sky House. Type: ISTP. Buzzed hair. Impulsive, dangerous.

Kashima: The “Master of Penalties” at Sky House. Type: ENTP. Short spiky black hair.

Sayuri: One of the 4 main girls. Type: INFP. Short Brownish red hair. The youngest.

Fumie: One of the main girls. Type: ESFP. Long black hair. The most extroverted.

Eriko: One of the main girls. Type: ENFJ. Dark brown hair. The brave, smart leader.

Bernkastel: The Witch of Miracles. Type: INTP. Dark purple hair and eyes.

Others: Ichihara the Head of Sky House, and the Witches Lambda Delta and Omoikane.