7 Things You Should Know About “No Game No Life”

Welcome. If you’ve heard of No Game No Life (NGNL), but haven’t yet seen it, or don’t know much about it, this post is perfect for you. Here I’ll list 7 things about NGNL that are good/interesting to know before you start watching.

1: Ecchi Content

It seems to me like the vast majority of anime fans appreciate some well-done and/or comedic ecchi scenarios. If you’re in that majority, then the ecchi/ fan-service is a great plus to the series. If you’re kind of annoyed by these elements, I still think you should give this show a try. It’s one of the very few that’s worth it.

2: Somewhat of an Intelligent Anime

The focus of NGNL is on games. Most of them require strategy, forethought, and quick, adaptive thinking. Main characters Sora (male) and Shiro (female) are academically sharp and absolute geniuses at any kind of game. By watching the show, you can learn about some of the games you don’t know. You can also see interesting tricks and strategies of all sorts, even in simple games you’re sure to know.

3: Excellent Visuals

When it comes to the gorgeous artwork, much has been said by reviewers and critics more well-versed than me. I know that an unusual color scheme and high saturation contributes, but other than that, I don’t really know what it is that makes the visuals so unforgettable and engaging. You’ll love the cute character designs and the bright colors.

4: Interesting World Lore

I won’t give much detail since you’ll learn when you watch the anime, but there’s a good bit of interesting world-building and lore for this other world in NGNL. For one thing, all disputes and challenges must be settled with games and gambling. Another neat concept is that the God of this magical world is the god of games, Tet.

Tet, The One True God

5: Isekai Genre

This is similar to how ecchi might be a pro or a con depending on your attitudes/views. Isekai literally means “other world,” but as an anime genre, it’s specifically about characters who were pulled into a foreign fantasy world. With such an abundance of isekai anime in the last few years, some people are sick of the whole concept. I’m pretty skeptical of isekai myself, but NGNL is one that I thoroughly appreciate.

Other worlds always have fox girls or cat girls!

6: Jibril

Jibril is one of several female characters who ends up siding with Sora and Shiro (and more or less being his harem). She is a winged angel-like creature who has lived for thousands of years. Of all the characters, Jibril is my very favorite in the series. This is because of her obsession with collecting knowledge and data. To a lesser degree, I share Jibril’s eternal passion for learning.

7: Inspiring Story Themes

I’m not the first anime reviewer to say it’s worth it to deal with all the ecchi to enjoy the story of NGNL. As Sora and Shiro battle in games of all sorts, the stakes rise ever higher. There are some great themes present, such as underdog empowerment, and acknowledgement of weakness to find your individual strengths.

Courage, confidence, building power, and sticking to your guns are also key themes in NGNL. Sora and Shiro are very ambitious in wanting to take over the world with games. At first, people think these two game masters are out of their minds. It’s awesome to see Sora inspiring followers and battling for the pride of Imanity (the human race).

That’s about all for today’s Sunday Select Seven. I definitely recommend checking out this fun fantasy anime, No Game No Life! Thanks so much for reading today you all. It’s much appreciated. Enjoy your day.


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