Akame ga Kill and Character Deaths

(Note: No spoilers are given concerning who dies, how, or when)

Akame ga Kill is a 2014 anime by studio White Fox. It’s fairly well-known, but perhaps not well-loved. In any case, ratings like the one at MyAnimeList place it lower than expected for a dark, action-fantasy shounen full of sexy female characters. I consider Akame ga Kill a good anime, but not excellent. There are certainly a few things done poorly in the show. But the main topic I see discussed is the abundant character death throughout.

It could be seen as major story fault that so many characters die. Some say it was all for shock value. Some say it was to force a lot of sappy, emotional scenes. Other complaints and reasons have been given, too. But in my opinion, these character deaths are not examples of poor storytelling. In fact, having them die is the only conclusion in keeping with the central themes and messages of the anime.

If you take life, you have to be ready to die. What goes around comes around. War and rebellion is full of tragedy: good and interesting people die horribly. If you kill in order to change in the world, you must be willing to sacrifice everything. These are the “the morals of the story” in Akame ga Kill. Therefore, it’s only fitting that most of the assassins and warriors are killed.

This anime has a lot to offer to me in terms of personal enjoyment, but that’s not to say — by any means– that’s its without faults. For one thing, the ordering and timing of several character deaths were far too predictable. For another, the character designs are too simple and “kiddish” for the dark tone of the show. Dialogue was well-written for some scenes, but terrible for others. The same goes for the varying depth of characters’ development.

All that to say, there are problems with Akame ga Kill, but the plentiful death isn’t one of them. Once I write up a series review for this show, I’ll delve into the many aspects I enjoy. But that’s all for now, folks. Thanks a ton for reading my short and random rant. Dear readers, have a wonderful day.


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