Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 11 Review

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by Anime Rants. Let’s take a look at episode 11 of Fruits Basket second season. Everyone returns home from the summer house. Ayame was kind enough to house-sit for Shigure… uninvited, and making a mess of everything as usual.

Tohru goes to see Shisho alone, without telling anyone else. Her purpose in doing so is to ask Shisho for details about the Zodiac curse. It turns out that he doesn’t know the details of how it all works either. But from watching through the years, he has surmised that every word of Akito has immense emotional power for the Zodiac members. Even a little bit of rejection from him sends searing pain through their hearts. Akito and the others have a world of their own where are bound together.

Tohru realizes that breaking those bonds will be difficult and may very well be wrong of her. She’s aware there may be harsh consequences. All the same, Tohru says she won’t give up. Shisho advises her to keep being there for Kyo and the Sohmas, brightening their world with her smiles. This might be the only thing she can do to help. Tohru also encounters Rin at Shisho’s home, but the Sohma girl rudely brushed her off. What is up with her anyway?

The second half of the episode focused on Kagura and Kyo. Now that he knows he’s in love with Tohru, Kyo needs to tell Kagura that he doesn’t love her. Kagura won’t let him say anything serious unless he goes on a date with her. On their date, Kagura takes them to a grassy area on a hilltop where the two used to play as small children. Back then, Kyo was happy to be with her. He was all hers.

Kagura opens up about the truth of her feelings. She confesses that she only liked Kyo at first because it felt good to be with someone less fortunate than herself. There was also another strong reason. Once, Kagura forcefully took off Kyo’s bracelet and turned him into his monster form. Terrified, she ran away. The fact that she ran instead of being accepting haunts her to this day. She wanted to create a “pure” version of herself who could love Kyo without fear or prejudice.

So, over the years, Kagura pursued Kyo and tried to make him fall in love with her. Kyo tells her calmly and firmly that he will never fall in love with her. Kagura accepts this, but it’s extremely painful. Because somewhere along the way, she really did come to love Kyo genuinely. Kagura cries, desperately hoping he’ll believe that the love she has for him now isn’t selfish or petty. Kyo says that he is truly grateful for her friendship. He holds Kagura and let her lean on him while she cries her heart out.

Fruits Basket never ceases to surprise me with the way it hits my emotions. I definitely cried a little bit this episode. And that’s about it for today’s Anime Rants. Thank you for reading!


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