7 Anime I Irrationally HATE


The Monogatari series is famous and beloved for 3 main reasons, I think. 1) A unique style of story telling. 2) Fascinating visual components. And 3) Being Perverted as fuck. My friends, I have tried. I watched Bakemonogatari all the way through twice. I was determined to find something to get me into the series. But it didn’t work. Here is just one example of why I hate Bakemonogatari. The very first shot is a young girl’s skirt flying up in the wind and revealing her panties. How can I be expected to take this garbage seriously?

Big Order

For Most of the anime I’m mentioning in this post, I don’t even know exactly why I hate them. I usually have a vague idea but the level of dislike I feel is disproportionate. However, with a couple of these entries, I have pretty good reasons. Take big order, for example. The main dude sleeps with his underage little sister. So, yeah. Other weaknesses of the show include poor humor, too much pandering with extra violence and dumb female characters, and the absence of any meaningful themes. Fuck this show.

Black Bullet

Black Bullet, well. It had a couple of good points, but I still hate it. I remember being bothered by the way the show plays around with pedo jokes even if most of them are misunderstandings. I also remember thinking the main premises of the show were the most fucking boring things ever. Oh look, a dude who fights monsters with a special weapon! … Yeah … that’s about it. Idiotic anime.

Highschool of the Dead

Then we have Highschool Of The Dead. Rationally speaking, it’s just a shallow fanservice series with some cool guns. You’re not supposed to think too hard about it. So I’m really uncertain as to why I loathe this show so powerfully. I don’t mind the occasional fanservice anime. But this show just gave off a nasty stink of self-justification, taking itself too seriously, and promoting casual sexism. I don’t begrudge others for enjoying this stupid show, but it’s a little too stupid for me.

Lostorage Incited Wixoss / Wixoss Series

As far as I can remember, there really isn’t much wrong with the Wixoss series. Cute girls play magical card games and sometimes have to pay heavy prices if they lose. Still, I can’t stand this show. Maybe I was just expecting more when I watched it. It turned out to be incredibly boring and mundane. I don’t even know how I got through 2 seasons of it.

Nanatsu no Taizai

Nanatsu no Taizai or Seven Deadly Sins is widely popular for reasons I can’t fathom. Then again, I also can’t fathom why I hate it so much. There was absolutely nothing that interested me, and getting through even just the first season was hell. I felt a connection with none of the characters. I got mad over every little thing that was poorly done. I will never watch any more of this series. It’s terribly irritating.


I’m probably going to be disliked for this last entry. I simply cannot stand Noragami. Mind you, I don’t think it’s a bad anime. It just rubs me the wrong way. I also hate Yato and have never once found him humorous. The second season, Aragoto, was even worse (for me). I get so mad at how the fantasy systems work in Noragami’s world. They’re ridiculously cruel and yet the show treats them as upright in every way. Why? because the gods say so. Grrr.

That’s about it, folks. Thanks so much for reading and enjoy your Sunday.

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6 thoughts on “7 Anime I Irrationally HATE

  1. Good thing I haven’t seen any of those particular series. I guess a few anime that I irrationally hate would be Kai Doh Maru (worst Production IG project EVER!), Debutante Detective Corps, The Prince of Tennis, and the Street Fighter Alpha movies to name a few.

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    1. Haha and I haven’t seen any of those.

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      1. Fair enough. Haha!

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  2. Eh, to each their own. Sometimes we like something just because we like it, and sometimes we dislike it just because we dislike it. Nothing at all wrong with that, I say. I do enjoy Seven Deadly Sins, but, that wouldn’t give me any right to tell you to like it. Personally, there are a number of anime which others like, but which didn’t even pass my one-episode rule, like, say, Baka and Test. I just didn’t like it, ya know?

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  3. Interesting list. I haven’t seen any of these, though I’ve thought about trying Wixoss in the past. My “irrational dislike” series is High School DxD, mainly because me and Issei are oil and water – I can’t remember another protagonist anywhere that I so instantly and thoroughly hated as much as that guy.

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