Fruits Basket S2 Episode 15 Review

Welcome to Anime Rants, dear readers. It’s time to take a quick look at Fruits Basket Season 2 episode 15. I don’t have a whole lot to say about the episode in itself, but I’ll my best. Let’s rant!

Everyone had their meetings with the teacher and a parent/guardian to discuss future plans. Things went pretty much as expected for the characters. Not to say that it was boring to watch. In fact, I was quite amused. Arisa and Tohru want to work rather than going to college. Hanajima is just hoping she can get up the motivation to graduate. Kyo isn’t sure yet what he should do, and Shisho tells him he can take as long as he needs to decide. (From Kyo’s perspective, though, his remaining time is short, and all he can think about is being close to Tohru.)

Then we come to Yuki’s conference. His mother changed the date suddenly to avoid a situation where Ayame might interfere. The callous creature known as Yuki’s mother spent most of the talk insulting Yuki and announcing that she had already decided he was going to college and to which he would go. When the teacher (Mayu) raised objections, the horrible woman also took jabs at her. Yuki tries his best to summon the courage to speak up for himself, but he’s ready to give up after remembering how his words never reach his sorry excuse for a mother.

That’s when Ayame interrupted. I almost cheered when he appeared. He acted as his usual absurd and charming self, managing to piss off his mother so much that she stormed out of the room. Ayame and Yuki also had a good moment, wherein Yuki stated that his brother was reliable and not at all useless, despite what their mother said. While Ayame stayed to talk to Mayu a bit, Yuki went after his mother and confronted her.

He was finally able to find his words and be assertive. He tells his mother he will indeed continue his education, but he will choose the college himself. It seems as though Yuki’s mom at least listened to the words, but she certainly wasn’t happy about them. She stormed away again without giving a response — other than a mean glare. Still, Yuki seems to feel much better. He soon gets dragged off by the student council, but when he passes Tohru in the hallway, she smiles at her very lovingly and says, “See you soon.” I think this show is melting my heart.

At some point, I’d love to write a post or two about Yuki’s personality, struggles, and character growth. This episode is an important part of all that. It’s full of insights about Yuki. I’ll probably wait till the end to write that up, though. I really empathized with Yuki even more than before because I also had to deal with an overbearing, controlling mother (though one less abrasive). It takes so much courage to speak up and be decisive the way Yuki did. Great episode.

Thanks for joining me today at Anime Rants. Your readership is greatly appreciated! 🙂

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