The God of High School Episode 2 Review

Here we go again. Just like last time, The God of Highschool is getting on my nerves. It’s either boring or irritating — or funny. However, compared to episode 1, so far the second installment has less comedy. This is real shame as it is the only thing redeemable in the show.

Is it so difficult to have original and/or complex characters? Obnoxious main boy Mori is fighting because he wants to be strong. Oh, never heard that before. The quiet, tough, and secretly kind boy Daewi needs money for some kind of secret noble cause. The reactive girl character (who everyone always teases until she gets annoyed) is of course loyal to her family and only wants to serve them by restoring the sword dojo. I could have guessed these one-dimensional motivations in my fucking sleep.

The first rounds of the tournament were incredibly boring. That Tai Chi dude is boring too. The fight between underwear dude and Tai Chi dude was only mildly entertaining. I was sort of hoping this would be semi-realistic just as far as martial arts goes, but no, it’s as absurd as the next fantastical shounen power up series. Also, there’s the nonsense about nanomachines healing every injury. At this point we’re 14 minutes into the episode and I really want to bash my head against my desk.

Ok I’ll admit that the fight was well animated (as far as I can tell) and used nice camera angles. As There was also a tidbit of truth about real Tai Chi, that is, the part about remaining calm. I noticed this last episode too, but the visuals and audio are actually pretty good in God of High School so far. However, this is no way makes up for the godawful story and characters.

Another part of stupid shounen is making sure that the violence never makes any sense. There is a great example of this as underwear dude beats the shit out of Tai Chi dude. No matter how much his face gets kicked in, ground into the floor, or stomped on, the structural integrity of his face is not altered. There’s just a nosebleed. Anyway, the ridiculousness of it aside, that scene was pretty brutal. Predictably, however, Main Character interferes. Also, I don’t give a crap about Underwear Dude’s backstory. I don’t know how we’re supposed to be empathizing with him.

I barely got through the last 3 minutes of the episode. There was no comedy. I recognize nearly all of the seiyuu (Seki, Namikawa, Sugita, etc.) voicing the supporting characters. And the instrumental music was nice this time around. Alas, that isn’t enough for me. Perhaps I’ll review episode 3 to give this series just one more chance. But I might not survive another round of this bullshit. As things stand, I don’t have the tolerance to go back and collect screenshots. This will have to suffice.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you’re enjoying God of High School much more than me!

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