Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 16 Review

Welcome to Anime Rants — I’m not crying, you’re crying! … The latest episode of Fruits Basket, like many prior ones, brought me to tears. This show has a way with hitting you in the feels! Here’s what happened.

Arisu has changed jobs and eliminated the possibility of seeing Kureno again. However, she clearly wishes she could have seen him again. Once she hears his name, Tohru thinks it must be Kureno Sohma. So She gets up her courage to go to the Sohma estate and see him. Near the entrance to the Sohma property, Tohru meets Momo, the girl who is Momiji’s little sister but doesn’t know it. The little girl leads Tohru inside through a hidden secret entrance.

They come to the house where Momiji lives and Momo says she likes watching him and listening to him play the violin. She sees the resemblance between Momiji and her family, and wishes for him to be her big brother. Momo runs away after telling Tohru to carry her message to Momiji. So Tohru does so. She gets very emotional (and so did I) telling Momiji about how his little sister still knows him and loves him. The news makes Momiji very happy, even though the whole situation is so tragic.

Momiji also explains that his dream is to be a professional violinist and one day have a concert for his mom, dad, and Momo to see. When Tohru says she came to see Kureno, Momiji offers to accompany her. Tohru declines, but agrees to put the fault with Momiji if she got caught by Akito or someone else.

Tohru sets off, but it’s hard not to get caught. She found Kureno but then had to run and hide to avoid being seen by someone else. This kept happening, and Tohru was about to be caught, when Kureno appeared. He got her out of the tight spot and asked what she was doing here. Tohru explains that Arisu wants to see him. Even though Kureno says he doesn’t plan on meeting Arisu again, he does at least accept her contact information, which Tohru offered.

Tohru gets home safely, but she’s still emotional about everything. She feels like her heart is being torn apart because of having to see the pain her friends are in. The Zodiac spirits are most definitely a curse. The control of Akito and other negative reactions to the Zodiac members is preventing them from being happy. On the roof that night, Tohru suddenly starts crying, but Kyo is there to help her feel better. That wraps up the episode. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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