Fruits Basket (Season 2) Episode 20

Welcome. This will be brief. In Fruits Basket episode 20 we saw more of the student council and insights about their lives and personalities. It was nice to learn some things about Machi, although we still don’t know the details. The discussion about broken relationships and the metaphor of a shirt being buttoned up wrong were good. I like how Yuki is getting closer to the vice president as a friend. The casting choices for the school’s Cinderella play were amusing.

I don’t have much more to say on this one. I guess the only other thing I wanted to mention was I have an idea of what it was that Yuki wanted from Tohru. He wanted to be saved. Specifically, he wanted her to free him from the curse and from Akito. But Akito probably said something like, “That will never happen, and there’s nothing you can do.” This probably convinced Yuki to give up on Tohru as a love interest, as we saw him doing in the vacation episodes.

I’m still very curious about why the original promise was made between the zodiac spirits and their god. It probably wasn’t intended to be a curse. But when the god is someone like Akito, it becomes a terrible curse indeed. Anyway, my curiosities will have to keep waiting. I’ll see you next time at Anime Rants. Take care!


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