Sunday Select: 7 Awesome Anime Cats

A friend of mine on Reddit suggested cats as a topic for my next blog post. So that’s exactly what I’ve done. Here are seven cats in anime that are cute and amusing. Enjoy!

1. Amanajaku (Ghost Stories)

Amanajaku is an ancient ghost temporarily possessing a cat. But he might as well be a real cat because of his personality. While not all cats are the same, many come across as arrogant, detached, fickle, and perhaps a bit sadistic. Amanojaku possesses all these traits. He’s a cat with an attitude even in the original Ghost Stories subtitled version, but in the English dub, he’s even worse. But his mockery and cynicism toward the main cast is pretty funny.

2. Arthur (Code Geass)

Arthur appears in a few episodes of Code Geass: Lelouch of The Rebellion. It’s unclear who actually owns the cat; he seems to belong to the student council as a whole. Arthur is a mischievous one, who once ran all around the campus wearing Zero’s helmet on his head. It was a threat to Lelouch’s true identity. Though Arthur is friendly in general, he seems to enjoy biting Suzaku every time they meet.

3. Haru (My Roommate Is A Cat)

Haru is the adorable main cat character in My Roommate is a Cat. After she was separated from her family, a kind human took her in and cared for her. Growing up, Haru was the one who raised the younger litter of siblings. As a result, she has a strong mothering instinct, which she proceeds to apply to her human. Haru’s adventures and funny interactions are cute and amusing, so try watching this anime if you like cats!

4. Jiji (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

Jiji is a famous and iconic cat in the world of classic anime. He is the companion of Kiki the young Witch, and helps her out a lot. As usual with designs by studio Ghibli, Jiji looks so precious!

5. Madara (Natsume’s Book of Friends)

Madara is an ancient spirit who can shapeshift into different forms. For most of the series, he stays as a cat, and seems to enjoy life as such. Madara is the best friend and companion of Natsume, the anime’s main character. In personality, he is witty, funny, wise, and a bit fussy. Though he tries to act dignified, this facade often slips as he enjoys himself.

6. Molly (The Ancient Magus’ Bride)

Molly appears in a few episodes of the strange and magical anime The Ancient Magus’ Bride. She is the queen of all the cats, and can speak to humans. This gorgeous kitty is elegant, wise, and affectionate. She has a strong love and sense of responsibility toward her species.

7. Sakamoto (Nichijou/My Ordinary Life)

Sakamoto is definitely among my top favorite cats in anime, if not my very favorite. He is a runaway cat who was adopted by Hakase, a child genius inventor, and her android caretaker Nano. Hakase is a spoiled young girl, and Sakamoto is constantly frustrated with her lack of respect for him. He is a very proper cat, and demands to use an honorific on his name. Sometimes, Sakamoto loses his dignity and reverts to a kitten-like state while playing.

That’s it and thanks so much for reading! See ya next time.


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