deca-Dence Episode 10 Review

Hi there and thanks for stopping by! This was a serious episode for me. I can’t get into why right now, but the point is that Natsume is a strong young woman who keeps trying to cope even knowing the horrible truths of her world. At first, the shock was just too great, and she passed out. When she woke up, she spoke bitter words, saying she regretted everything, especially trusting Kaburagi. Meanwhile, the cyborg bugs finally escape from the wrecked prison and take shelter in an hideout containing parts of old Deca-Dence fortresses from the past.

The thing that brings Natsume back from the darkness is her connection to others who are supportive of her. Kurenai gives a good, reassuring talk to the girl, urging her to decide her own meaning from the things only she has seen and known. Kaburagi left a letter explaining how sorry he was and how he plans to fight the system in Deca-Dence to atone. Natsume goes to see him after reading the letter and tells him that she’s decided to trust him again. Their battles and experiences together were not lies. Nothing was meaningless.

Suddenly, however, Hugen arrives and once again kills Kaburagi’s avatar. He’s about to kill Natsume, too. Back at the cyborg hideout, there’s not enough time for Kaburagi to think of idea how to get back. Because, at that moment, a huge Gadoll is passing by. It’s one of the ones the size of Deca-Dence itself. This monster came about thanks to a dying Gadoll that injected some kind of egg or something into someone’s avatar. It hatched, broke out, and consumed every bit of flesh it could find from dead and logged out avatars.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the show will pull off resolving this. Natsume is no match for Hugen, and a bunch of little cyborgs cannot fight a colossal Gadoll. We’ll see next week. On a final note, thanks for reading! I truly appreciate it. Enjoy your day, and sayonara till next time!


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