Deca-Dence Episode 11 Review

Welcome. In episode 11 of Deca-Dence, it looks like the bugs still have a fighting chance. Kaburagi logged into his other avatar in time to save Natsume and kill Hugen’s avatar. So Kaburagi and Natsume head out to fight the giant gadoll, which itself is a bug. Gadoll are not supposed to be able to reproduce, but there was some kind of mutation that caused this one to lay its “egg” and respawn. Meanwhile, things are not going so well for the mobile fortress. The cannon was caught by Omega (the giant gadoll) and ripped off. Now it’s nearly defenseless.

The system announces that it’s going to essentially reset the world. The cyborgs which live in a shuttle in space will survive, but the tankers and the cyborgs who escaped prison will all be killed. Much of the Earth will be wiped clean of any remaining life. There’s only one thing left to do, and it’s the ace up Jill’s sleeve. It’s possible for a cyborg to go to the core of Deca-Dence, connect to it, and use the mobile fortress as its avatar. Nobody has ever done this, but Jill knows it’s possible because she once worked with the team that made the current Deca-Dence’s core.

Kaburagi logs out to go take the risk to connect to Deca-Dence. Meanwhile, Natsume, Kurenai, and their comrades are all fighting a ton of smaller gadoll that spawned from Omega’s body. After she sees a truck leaving the cyborg hideout, Natsume approaches out of curiosity. She is able to meet with the comrades of Kaburagi, including Jill. Not surprisingly, Natsume gets along fine with the cyborgs and thinks they are cute.

Before connecting to Deca-Dence’s core, Kaburagi is stopped by Minato, who says he is doubting the system and even himself. Kaburgi talks with Minato for a minute, explaining how Natsume “saved” him and got him reinterested in life. Minato becomes a little more understanding, and agrees to help Kaburagi connect to the core. Back in his avatar body, Minato defies the system with the order to activate Deca-Dence. To be continued.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you’ll come visit again soon at Anime Rants!


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