The God of HighSchool Episode 12 Review

Welcome. I was unimpressed with this episode of GOH. Too much was packed into one episode, the characters are impossible to keep track o, and nothing is really made clear enough with regards to the powers, magic, and gods being used. I don’t have much time today, so I could not work on screenshots, but here’s the gist of what happened in GOH episode 12.

The Nox organization is trying to summon down their god, which apparently has no name besides “God.” Mujin Park and members of “The Six” Charyeok users attempt to stop this from happening. Apparently the coming of God will destroy the world or something. The United States is aware of the supernatural conflict and is no longer willing to let Park handle it. So they send multiple nuclear missiles toward Seoul to destroy God.

Once this becomes clear, Park sends all the nearby GOH participants to some kind of magic island where they will be safe. But right before that, as Jegal and Ilpyo were fighting, a strange object came out of Ilpyo. Everyone calls the Key. Mori manages to catch it. Now then. In this magical safe place, everyone is seperated. But they find each other soon enough. Jegal fights and wins against Mira and Deawi. He’s become even more powerful and frightening. Then Mori shows up and Jegal fights him to take the Key.

Remember the random dude who turned into a monster last episode and got killed? Well, his grandfather is apparently strong enough to take down God and just never mentioned it before. He easily teleports all the citizens of Seoul to a safe location, and uses his power to destroy the missiles before they are close to impact. Then he proceeds to force God crashing down into the city, defeated. Well alrighty then.

Mori, Jegal, and the other highschoolers reappear in the ruins of Seoul. There’s some kind of giant object lying there and I don’t know if it’s supposed to be the fallen God or what. Anyway, Jegal gets the key from Mori and swallows it. Then he transforms in a very weird way and ends up some sort of winged godlike creature. Jegal is after power for its own sake and views all others as losers. Well, now he has the power of the Key, whatever that means, and he seems like he’s about to ready to kill the surviving highschoolers.

That’s where the episode leaves off, such as it is. This is a very weak show and I’ll be relieved when it’s over. Thanks for reading.


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