Re:Zero Episode 38 (Season 2 Episode 13)

Hey there! Thanks for joining me for my recap/review of Re:Zero’s season finale. Once again, it was a long episode with a lot of content stuffed in. The season finale can be divided into two main parts: Subaru’s time with the Witches, and his talk with Roswaal. After Satella arrives and restates her love for him, Subaru has an emotional breakdown. There are many factors that led to this, such as the grief of losing Rem, the frustration with all of the Witches, and the fact that he’s still stuck in the same loop after so many tries.

Subaru bites into his tongue in an attempt to die. But the Witches intervene to save him, especially Camillo and Minerva. Satella stresses the point that she wants Subaru to love himself, and find a future where he can be saved, too. The idea is very difficult for Subaru to accept, and I’m the same way. How can we believe that others truly like us? That we have value? That we should take care of our own hearts, too? But Subaru does not entirely reject the idea. He starts to recover his strength.


Echidna once again offers her contract to the young man, but Subaru decides to decline because sacrifice is a prerequisite to accepting. He thanks the Witches for what they did, even though they “monsters beyond comprehension.” Also, he tells Satella he will work on valuing himself. Satella says that one day Subaru will have to kill her, looking just like Emilia as she does so. Subaru responds with “No matter what, I will save you.” Then he wakes up in reality.

After a very sweet moment with Patrache the dragon, Subaru attempts to enter the sanctuary again. It rejects him. He has lost his qualification to undergo the trials because he declined to ally with Echidna. The next thing to do is talk to Roswaal. But once they get talking, a lot of unpleasant truths about Roswaal and his intentions come to light. For one thing, Roswaal was the one who ordered the assassins to attack the mansion. He will not rescind the order even though Subaru begs. Roswaal is apparently trying to shape Subaru into a being who exists to save only Emilia. Nobody else matters. Their humanity should be disregarded to pursue the goal.

Subaru is so shocked and upset by all this that he becomes delirious and runs away into the woods. He is falling apart emotionally, having no idea what to do. But Otto arrives and says he has an idea. He also punches Subaru and tells him to stop pretending to be tough for his friends. We do not get to hear Otto’s suggestions, because this is where the episode awkwardly ends.

The continuation of Re:Zero is scheduled to begin airing in January, in case anybody needed to know. Anyway, I think this second season was pretty great despite a few flaws here and there. The main issues for me are the lack of smooth plot structure and the way the show crams too much information into short episodes. That’s all for now, but I’ll include more thoughts whenever I get around to writing a review of Re:Zero season 2. Thanks for stopping by and reading!


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