Winter 2021 Episode Reviews (Week 6)

Hi and welcome! Here my reviews for this week’s Winter 2021 anime episodes!

Attack on Titan Final Season

Episode 9 (68)

In AoT this week, we saw some flashbacks to 3 years ago when the volunteer soldiers like Yelena and Onyankopo joined the islanders. There’s also a cook named Niccolo. We are also told about how Zeke proposed to join them and had sent Yelena and the others wanting to restore Eldia. Back in the present, Armin talks to the frozen Annie about his doubts of the current plans. Several of the scouts, including Connie and Niccolo visit Sasha’s grave. Armin regrets not understanding Eren anymore. He changed somewhere in the last 3 years to become what he is now. I like all the new characters, and especially Yelena. It was interesting to see Eren’s new self, too. As always, though, my favorite character is Armin, and I enjoy his insights and thoughts the most.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 2nd Season

Episode 5

A lot happened in Tensura. The otherworlders from Falmuth tried to create havoc in Tempest. Shion is fighting Shogo while the other man fights the goblin guards. The girl, Hinata, is pretty useless since her special power (called Bewilder) was rendered useless by Shuna. Meanwhile, the demon lord Milim has declared war on Eurazania. Lord Clayman, the master of Myulan, doesn’t want Rimuru to join the fight, so he devised some magic to shut down magical communications within Tempest. The one who must activate this large-scale magic is Myulan the majin. Even though Grucius and Youm try to stop her, Myulan activates the magical barrier, and the main city in Tempest loses its magic.

My favorite thing about this episode was Youm’s love confession to Myulan. They are both so cute. I also found myself despising the otherworlders after they tried to frame Gobto for assaulting Hinata. I’m very glad that plan fell through. Now we’re finally getting some action. I look forward to some battles and adventure next week!

Dr. Stone (Stone Wars)

Episode 5

Stone Wars showed us Senku and company’s preparations for saving Chrome from Tsukasa. They upgraded the steam engine cart into a makeshift “tank” with strong plastic armoring. Its purpose is to ram into the prison and break out Chrome. Nobody has to die and fighting can be mostly avoided. Unfortunately, Tsukasa has predicted a vehicular attack, and set traps all around the ground near where Chrome is held captive. Unless Chrome can escape on his own first, Senku and the others are in big trouble.

Re:Zero 2nd Season

Episode 19

I’m not exactly impressed with the truths we learned in Re:Zero this week. I’m probably just that I’m disappointed my predictions were wrong. I had some good ideas like Emilia opening the seal would be what causes the giant freeze, but most of that was wrong. I was also hoping that we’d finally find out exactly what Emilia is. However, we still don’t know with certainty. Pandora called her “The Witch’s daughter.”

Anyway, despite me being wrong about all this, I still enjoyed the intense episode. It was really tragic what happened to Fortuna and Guese. Emilia’s rage was understandable, and it’s amazing that she has so much power. At the end of the trial, Emilia was so brave and confident, holding her ground while Echidna said terrible things to her. She passed the test!

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni- GOU

Episode 19

This episode of Higurashi Gou showed how Rika and Satoko studied to get into St. Lucia Academy over the course of almost 3 years. Finally, both of them were accepted, and began high school. But while Rika was popular and excelled in this environment, Satoko’s grades kept dropping, and she was not well-liked. As she is on the verge of dropping into a hardcore Special Class for poor students, Satoko angrily watches Rika enjoying herself with the “proper” girls in the tea parlor. I think her temper is about to explode.

I’m a little bit surprised that so much time is being spent on this story. At this rate, all but the last episode or two will be about the world where Rika attended St. Lucia. The last bit of the show will then (I hope) resolve the final world and give us definite answers. We still don’t know exactly why Rika got stuck in the repeating worlds again, and we don’t know what happened to Hanyu, either. I look forward to learning the truth.

The Promised Neverland 2nd Season

Recap Episode

There was no new episode of TPN this week, but instead a recap special of the escape from Gracefield and the events of season 2 thus far. It was a well-crafted special, but it provided no new information. I eagerly away episode 6 next week.

Beastars 2nd Season

Episode 6

Louis was unable to shoot his father, who decided to sign a temporary break form and not a withdrawal from school. While Louis continues on his path, Legosi keeps training to avoid eating meat. He’s also still trying to find clues about the carnivore who attacked him and killed Tem. Haru confronts him at one point to say she’s lonely, and angry at Legosi for being selfish. At the ultimate height of idiocy, Legosi proposes that they get married. Obviously, that idea goes nowhere and Haru storms off.

At the end of the episode, Bill proposes some games of Jaw War, which pit carnivores against each other in a tug-of-war to see whose jaw is strongest and can pull it away from the opponent. Legosi is prepared to beat Bill, but loses spectacularly. He wonders why he has become so weak, when previously, his bite force was well above average. I’m still enjoying Beastars a lot and I love all the characters. I really liked the scene where Legosi buried the meat of the dead herbivores, giving them graves instead of eating them

Thank you for reading and take care!


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