Sunday Select: 7 Favorite Ani-Songs 2019

Thanks for coming to Anime Rants! These are 7 of my favorite songs from anime that aired in 2019. There are others I wanted to include that I like just as much, but I had to pick only seven. These are my top favorites as of right now, though it tends to change. Here we go!

1. “Shadowgraph”

Artist: Myth & Roid

Anime: Boogiepop wa Waranai (2019)

Type: Opening Song

Notes: N/A

2. “Touch Off”

Artist: Uverworld

Anime: The Promised Neverland

Type: Opening song

Notes: N/A

3. “Marutsuke”

Artist: Shougo Yano

Anime: Given

Type: Ending Song

Notes: I could not find a high quality video of the ending song version, so please enjoy the full version here. Note that the opening song (Centimennial) and insert song (Fuyu no Hanashi) for Given are just as good as this one.

4. “Uchuu no Kioku”

Artist: Maaya Sakamoto

Anime: Bem

Type: Opening song

Notes: Bem was not a great anime by any means, but the opening sounds amazing!

5. “Love Dramatic- feat. Rikka Ihara”

Artist: Masayuki Suzuki

Anime: Kaguya-sama Love is War

Type: Opening song

Notes: N/A

6. “Starting The Case: Rail Zeppelin”

Artist: Yuki Kajiura

Anime: Lord El-melloi’s Case Files Rail Zeppelin

Type: Intro theme

7. “Name of Love”

Artist: Cinema Staff

Anime: Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2

Type: Ending song

Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday!


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