Sunday Select: 7 Favorite Green-Haired Anime Characters

Hello there friend! I appreciate you dropping by. As the next part in my series of favorite characters according to hair color, this post tackles green. Compared some of the other colors, green-haired anime characters are pretty rare. However, I still ended up with quite a few favorites. A few of the more famous green-haired characters did not make my list, including Zolo from One Piece, Tatsumaki from One Punch Man, and Kayano from Assassination Classroom. I wanted to throw their names out there, though, as characters I like. They’re just not my top favorites. The entries in this list are in alphabetical order and contain a few of my notes. Lets get started!

1. CC (Code Geass)

CC is one of the main characters in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. She is an immortal woman with mystic powers, including the ability to grant Geass power to humans. In personality, she’s quiet but direct, laidback, quick-witted, and insightful. Without CC’s advice, brilliant tactics, and emotional support, Lelouch would never have risen very far.

2. Crusch Karsten (Re:Zero)

Crusch is an army commander and a candidate for the throne in the land where Re:Zero takes place. She is serious, dutiful, commanding, practical, and intelligent. I happen to love female characters who are swordswomen, as well as characters who have a green aesthetic. Crusch has both, so naturally, she’s a favorite of mine!

3. Gon Freeccs (Hunter x Hunter)

The famous protagonist of Hunter x Hunter, Gon is an inspiring, interesting, and lovable character. This boy’s dream is to become a pro Hunter and find his father. (Hunters are essentially the most powerful type of people in the world.) Gon has keen intuition and instincts, a friendly and energetic personality, and a strong sense of determination. My favorite thing about Gon, besides watching him become more mature, is his respect for other lifeforms.

4. Leeron Littner (Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann)

There are mixed opinions about Leeron and whether he is a positive or negative representation of an LGBTQ anime character. Personally, I enjoy this character a lot, and I think his unique way of presenting is mostly a positive thing. Leeron was one of the first male LGBTQ characters that I saw in anime, and I always found him interesting. I’m not sure if Leeron is an effeminate gay man, a transgender woman, or genderqueer/nonbinary. However you consider him, he’s a funny and kind character.

5. Rin Asogi (Daughters of Mnemosyne)

Daughters of Mnemosyne is a truly obscure anime. Many of those who watch it consider it lacking in strong plot and good taste, since it can be over-the-top with violence and sexuality. I acknowledge some narrative weaknesses, but I love Mnemosyne– mostly because of the main character, Rin. She is a great example of a lesbian anime character. She’s also highly intelligent, capable, courageous, and warm. And oh, I almost forgot to say: Rin is hot as hell.

6. Shion Sonozaki (Higurashi When They Cry series)

Possibly my favorite on this list, Shion is a well-known character among the fanbase of the cult classic Higurashi (When They Cry). The family outcast of the Sonozakis, this young lady wants to do what’s right and break away from the old order of her cruel, backwards grandmother. However, she famously goes crazy in the series and starts a killing spree. Though she is indeed a yandere, Shion is a deep character with much more to her than just a stereotype role.

7. Tsuyu Asui (My Hero Academia)

I’m not the biggest fan of MHA, finding it a bit shallow and childish for my tastes. But that doesn’t change the fact that this anime features some unique, funny, and likeable characters. My favorite is Tsuyu, a hero-in-training with abilities much like those of a frog. She’s cute, intelligent, and brave.

Honorable Mention: Jae-ha (Yona of The Dawn)

Let me mention this character I like from Yona of the Dawn. Jae-ha is an impressive fighter and one of the four dragon guardians destined to help Yona take back the throne. This man is suave, sly, and alluring, with a live-and-let-live attitude. He is very flirtatious and forward with both men and women, making him bisexual.

That concludes my list of top favorite anime characters with green hair! Thank you for reading


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