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Welcome to Anime Rants! I realized I hadn’t written anything about Toradora on my blog so far, so I’m starting with an MBTI post. This assumes you know some basics about Myers-Briggs typology. Most of these characters have my notes about who they are and how I decided their types. Some entries are more detailed than others, and some of them are only rough guesses. If you disagree on a character’s type, feel free to discuss it, but don’t be rude. Also, please note that I am typing using the letter method for this post. Sometimes, I use cognitive functions, but this type, I went for the simpler option to which I am more accustomed. With that, we’ll begin.

Ami Kawashima: ENFJ

Ami is a beautiful young model who transfers to Taiga’s school. Since she is at first a two-faced bitch who lies about everything, Ami doesn’t get along with the honest Taiga. However, thanks to Ryuuji’s help, Ami is slowly able to let go of her niceness facade and be her true, mean self. This character has excellent social skills and is likely extroverted. Her mind is sharp and her insights are thoughtful, suggesting inuition. Even though she treats others badly, Ami is still a feeling type. She just has issues. Taiga is kind of the same, in a way. Feelers aren’t always nice people as the stereotype says. Finally, I believe Ami is a judging type, who likes to plan ahead and be organized, disliking sudden changes.

If this is correct, it means Ami is an ENFJ. This is a great example of a case where there is a character who is nothing at all like the typical presentation of her type. ENFJs are usually warm, loving, and relatively humble, bringing good cheer to everyone. My best explanation is that Ami is a turbulent type (ENFJ-T) who exhibits some of the worst faults of her type due to emotional issues and long term exposure to stress.

Kouji Haruta: ESFP

Haruto is the shallow, hyper-reactive class idiot, lacking in restraint, intelligence, and normal social conduct. His biggest interest is objectifying his female classmates in sexual ways. He’s extroverted and loves to be loud and lively around his guy friends. Sensing goes without saying. Devoid of logic, there’s no way Haruto could be a thinker. He can’t be a judging type for similar reasons. Unfortunately, there are far two many ESFP characters who are written to be loud, obnoxious idiots. Haruto is but one example. I suppose the main problem is that there’s nothing to his character beyond surface level.

Maya Kihara: ESFJ?

This is a case where I’m kind of throwing out a rough guess. Maya is minor supporting character in Toradora, a girl in the same class as Taiga and Ryuuji. She comes across as extroverted and sensing, being very talkative and social, as well as more conventional and practical than an intuitive type. Since Maya isn’t bouncing all over the place like Haruto, and seems to keep a cool head, she’s liable to a be a judging type. We can rule out ESTJ because Maya doesn’t seem like the commanding, strict, or logical type. Thus, ESFJ is the best fit.

Minori Kushieda: ENFP

A classmate of Taiga and Ryuuji, Minori is the lively captain of the girl’s softball team. Her strong bond with Taiga makes them best friends. There’s no questioning the fact that the endlessly energetic Minori is an extrovert. She’s also intelligent and imaginative, lacking the practicality of most sensing types. So most likely, this girl is an intuitive type.

Minori is also a feeler, caring a great deal about her friends, and living life according to her personal values. The spontaneity and quick wit of this “genki gal” means that she is probably a perceiving type. Putting it altogether, Minori is an ENFP. This type is sometimes known as the champion, the inspirer, or the campaigner. Just like Minori, ENFPs are full of life and passionate. And though sometimes a bit absent-minded, they are known to give interesting insights and unique ideas.

Nanako Kashii: Unknown

Since she’s a minor supporting character, Nanako’s type is impossible to tell. She is almost always seen together with Maya. After Ami transfers to school, Nanako and Maya both become her admirers and friends.

Rikurou Aisaka: ISFP?

This scummy human being is Taiga’s father and an example of a terrible dad. He keeps abandoning Taiga, forcing his way back into her life later, and then disappearing again. It’s hard to figure out this shitty old man’s type since any type can contain terrible humans. Likewise, terrible humans are not reflective of their type in general.

The answer I settled on this time was ISFP. It could very well be wrong. But I when I looked at his behavior on the few times he has screen time, it just seemed to fit. He was slightly less extroverted and definitely a sensing type. He also seemed like a feeler and someone spontaneous like a perceiver. Just be clear, let me restate: horrible people can be from any type, and do not reflect the qualities of that type in general.

Ryuji Takasu: ISFJ

Ryuuji is the hard-working sweetheart of a male lead in Toradora. He is trying to help hook up Taiga with Kitamura, while Taiga helps him get together with Minori. This young man excels at taking care of others, cleaning things, cooking, and being helpful and thorough in general. Ryuuji is more introverted than extroverted. He’s most definitely a sensing type, with excellent practical skills and focus on reality.

It’s also certain that he would be a feeler, though his expression of feeling is extroverted and not internal like Taiga’s. Ryuuji cares about others and wants to protect them and meet their practical needs. He has a good amount of empathy, and is incredibly forgiving. Last of all, Ryuuji’s thorough nature makes him a Judging type. ISFJ is the best choice for this character. And sure enough, the ISFJ is known as the caretaker or the consul, famous for their practical skills and desire to serve others.

Sumire Kanou: INTJ

Miss Kanou is the student council president until her graduation during the second half of Toradora. She’s a strong and dedicated leader, but also rather cold and aloof. For student assemblies, she seems to like insulting everyone into submission. During the short arc centered around she and Kitamura, Sumire reveals that she wishes she could be an emotional “idiot” like everyone else. But she isn’t a soft person by nature, and feels she has to be mature even when intense emotions are involved.

Even without saying anything more, Sumire is obviously a thinking and judging type. What about the other two letters? Intuition describes this young woman better than sensing. She thrives academically and will use original, bold ideas to make her plan succeed. I had a hard time deciding if she is more extroverted or introverted. I settled on the latter, because even though Sumire isn’t shy, she doesn’t seem people-oriented. Although she’s a leader, she doesn’t need to be one to feel like herself. Therefore, INTJ is the best choice for Sumire Kanou.

Taiga Aisaka: ISFP

Taiga is the female protagonist of Toradora and a very famous “loli” character. She has a crush on Kitamura and enlists Ryuuji’s help to win him over. Though small, Taiga is strong and extremely aggressive. Although this girl is very forward, she isn’t extroverted. She needs her alone time and doesn’t do well with normal social interaction. The tough, tiger-like self of hers masks a much quieter person underneath. It’s pretty clear that Taiga is a sensing type, preferring action over thought, and practicality over theoretical ideas. That means so far we know she is I and S.

This unusual girl posses a highly emotional nature. I would go so far as to say it’s her dominant function, if we were typing by function. As someone who normally makes emotional decisions, Taiga is a feeling type. Last of all, she is a perceiver and not a judger. While judging types are thorough, more organized, and prefer to plan ahead, perceivers tend to make quick and sometimes impulsive decisions. So now we can conclude that Taiga is an ISFP. This type is sometimes called the artist or the independent. They can be very sweet, but they will act up if someone interferes with their need to be their unique selves.

Yasuko Takasu: ESFP

The single mother of Ryuuji, Yasuko has a distinct and exuberant personality. She works at a hostess club, entertaining and waiting on men. From the anime it’s clear to tell this woman loves her job, although she often comes home drunk and/or exhasuted. Although it’s Ryuuji who takes care of her practical needs most of the time, it’s clear that Yasuko loves her son more than anything else.

ESFP seems like the probable type for this beautiful woman, since she is certainly extroverted and sensing. Her loving nature and emotionality suggests feeling, and her “wild” sort of life is one evidence that she is a perceiving type. ESFP characters sometimes get called idiots, and this is often true, especially with poorly-written and/or immature characters like Haruto. However, Yasuko is a case of an admirable, lovable, and well-written ESFP.

Yuri-sensei: Unknown

Yuri is the homeroom teacher of class 2-C, which Taiga and Ryuuji attend. Not much is known about Yuri since her character is only for comic releif, repeating the gag that she is unmarried. (Something which I don’t understand in the slightest, never having desired marriage myself.) It’s impossible to say what Yuri’s type might be.

Yuusaku Kitamura: ENFJ

A central character in Toradora, Kitamura is the young man on whom Taiga has an enormous crush. He’s the cheerful, lively, and well-liked class representative as well as the vice president of the student council. It’s clear that Kitamura is an extrovert, being energetic and people-oriented. He is also a creative thinker with high intelligence and a sharp, active mind. Most likely, he’s intuitive.

Kitamura showers love on his friends without any shame, and is friendly and helpful even with people he doesn’t know. I think this means he’s a feeler. Last of all, Kitamura is a planner, as well as thorough and dedicated in his student council work. Judging is stronger than perceiving in his case. So all in all, Kitamura seems like an ENFJ. This type is sometimes called the Giver or the Protagonist. They are capable, compassionate leaders with love to give to everyone. That is fitting for Yuusaku Kitamura.

I hope you enjoyed this list of Toradora characters with their MBTI Types. My personal favorite character here is Taiga the ISFP. My type is INFJ (I used to think it was INTP but that was wrong). So there isn’t a character of my type in Toradora, unfortunately. Which type are you? Is there a character here who shares it? If not, which character is your personal favorite? Let me know in the comments! Thank you so very much for reading my work, and I’ll see you next time. 🙂


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