Winter 2023 Anime Episode Reviews: Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of Winter 2023 anime episode reviews! I am moving the Anime Rants blog back here to WordPress, but if you want to see the posts for week 1 and week 2, they are on the wix blog, Mono’s Anime Rants. Follow the links to view. With that, we’ll get started.

Bungou Stray Dogs 4th Season: Episode 3

Ranpo is taken to a secret base by the “police officer,” who is really an agent of the shadow organization known as V. This organization wants to rid the world of Gifted individuals who use their abilities to the detriment of society. Their target in this case was the old gentleman at the theater, who was revealed as Natsume the shapeshifter. After getting information from an imprisoned young Oda, Fukuzawa learns the location of the secret base and rescues Ranpo. Thank goodness he’s unharmed.

The fake cop was arrested, but killed in custody by more agents of V. The mystery will continue as Fukuzawa and Ranpo apply for a Gifted Business card to start the Armed Detective Agency. This is where it all began. Starting next week, we’ll be back in the present day, with Dazai and Atsushi and everyone else working at the Armed Detective Agency.

Koori Zokusei Danshi to Cool na Douryou Joshi
(Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague): Ep 3

The boss at the company informs everyone that their long-term seating assignments will now start. Before, the teams were only temporary. Luckily, our group ended up unchanged. The fox-girl, the human guy, Himuro, and Fuyutsuki are still working close together. Later on, Himuro takes Fuyutsuki out to eat at a restaurant to thank her for everything she’s done. Things are a little bit awkward, since both are quiet and don’t know how to converse smoothly. But it’s clear they like each other. Himuro and Fuyutsuki also finally exchange phone numbers in this episode. A few other things happened but that’s the gist. It was enjoyable to watch these two characters interact. They are both adorable.

Mononogatari – Malevolent Spirits: Episode 2

Despite the subpar visuals and the unlikable nature of the main character Hyoma, this episode somehow ended up alright. At least, I didn’t feel too bored with it. Hyoma seriously offended Botan by calling her Tsukumogami family a bunch of monsters who were using her. Botan says she will kick Hyoma out of the house unless he can find a way to work together with the six tsukumogami within three days.

In this episode, Hyoma succeeded in winning the approval of Nagi, Suzuri, and Kagami by going on work missions with them. Although I find Hyoma unpleasant, I must admit that he’s trying his best now to find a way to stay in the household. After another episode or two, he should be able to get along fine with all six spirits. I’m down to watch more of this anime next week.

Nokemono-tachi no Yoru (The Tale of Outcasts): Episode 2

Marbas and Wisteria spend some time together eating and shopping to prepare for their upcoming travels. At one shop, they meet the friendly Lady Blackbell and her demon. Later on, Snow discovers Marbas and Wisteria. He picks a fight with Marbas, who obliges. However, Wisteria convinces them to stop fighting. I liked this episode, although I am surprised we already got Snow out of the way as an obstacle to Marbas and Wisteria being together. I really like the design and character of Marbas. I also love the design for the wolf demon. I’m a sucker for wolf characters. Plus, this wolf is voiced by the incredibly sexy Junichi Suwabe, so I’m extra delighted. Looking forward to more!

TenTen Kakumei (Magical Revolution): Episode 3

Euphie is adjusting to her new life at the villa with Anis; however, she seems to feel depressed and empty. Now that there are no more serious duties as betrothed lady or work towards becoming queen, Euphie doesn’t know what to do with herself. Anis does her best to help her new companion feel comfortable. Additionally, Anis made a magical sword (French rapier style) for Euphie. It suits her well. This episode was fairly entertaining. The part at the end where Anis falls asleep with her head in Euphie’s lap was super cute. I really like both of these girls.

(Euphie swings her new magic sword)

Vinland Saga Season 2: Episode 2

Einar and Thorfinn are given a chance to work toward being free men on Kentil’s farm in Denmark. They work hard, but are ridiculed and bullied by the arrogant retainers. Meanwhile, Kentil’s son Olmar is spoiled and unhappy. Instead of taking over the farm and having a peaceful life, he wants to go to war in England. Einar is frustrated when he hears this, and tells Thorfinn that anyone who goes to war is a beast. He recounts the story of his village being ravaged by soldiers. Thorfinn pretends to sleep, but is silently reliving his own memories of war and destruction.

I’m not sure where the story is going from here, but I’m enjoying the show so far. Thorfinn seems to have changed a lot, and I’m looking forward to hearing more of this thoughts. The opening and ending songs both sound great.

Thank you for reading~


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