Bloganuary – January Blog Challenge – Day 20

The question for today is “What irritates you about the home you live in?” That seems easy enough as a prompt. Let’s see. I live in an apartment that used to be fairly nice, but has gotten very rundown and dirty after 7 or 8 years living here. There are a few little things that annoy me, such as how there’s virtually no yard space, or how they charge monthly pet rent. Also, for some strange reason, potted plants will only grow in the kitchen and never in my room where I want them. But I think the most annoying part about living here is how thin the walls and floors are.

It’s very irritating when a neighbor stomps, jumps, moves furniture, or whatever. And it happens a lot. It’s not bad to the point where I can hear conversations through the walls, but it still gets annoying. The stairs creak loudly too, so I always know when someone is going up or down the stairs in the next apartment. Anyway, I’m grateful that it’s a relatively small annoyance. That’s it for today. Sorry if it was a little boring. Thanks for reading though! Enjoy the weekend.

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