Bloganuary – January Blog Challenge – Day 19

Welcome! I’ve officially come back to Anime Rants on WordPress. All my anime posts from now on will be on this site. But before we get to the anime stuff, there’s something else to cover. This month, I’ve been doing the Bloganuary Challenge. You can view the past 18 days of entries here. As for today, it’s the 19th, and the prompt is: “What color describes your personality and why?”

This is quite a strange question. Since colors have no objective attributes related to personality, I must first assign attributes to a color. This isn’t too hard for me since I’m an abstract thinker with a good imagination. I’m fine with being arbitrary. However, I have a feeling that this prompt would be infuriating for certain people who think differently. Anyway, I’ll start by picking a color I like, and then assign personality attributes to it that reflect myself.

My actual favorite color is green, but for today, I decided to be unusual and pick the color pink. You know how I love anime? Well, my favorite anime characters with pink hair all share a few personality traits that I find interesting. Some of these traits fit me, too. Let’s look at some examples of these traits from pink-haired anime characters.

Pink-haired anime characters are all a little weird. At best, they don’t quite fit in, and at worst, they have serious mental and emotional issues. If you want some examples of these characters, check out My Favorite Pink-Haired Anime Characters. As for me, my personality is also a little weird, and I’m neurodivergent. These are other traits that some pink-haired anime characters have in common: expressive, determined, and contemplative. That means, for our purposes today, the color pink has the following attributes: perceived as weird, mentally unstable, outspoken, stubborn, and thoughtful. These words and traits also describe parts of my personality.

So, the answer for today’s prompt is: Pink describes my personality because of the attributes I associate with it in anime characters.

Thanks for reading~


3 thoughts on “Bloganuary – January Blog Challenge – Day 19

  1. I think assigning personality traits to colours is so interesting. So often people have preconceived ideas about colour. It would be interesting to challenge those to develop new appreciation 🙂

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  2. I thought it was pretty interesting that though your favorite color is green, you chose pink to represent your personality. You thought about your representing color a lot more than I did! I just assumed that whatever my favorite color was would represent my personality.

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  3. It’s always the most simple of questions that get us, right? I like your way of doing it and assigning traits to colors, though, it makes for a unique approach. And now I kind of wanna do that, too…

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