Are you Lost? Episodes 2 and 3 Review

From now on I’ll be writing bi-weekly reviews of this series. Ready? Let’s Rant!

~Are You Lost? Episode 2 Review: Our First Meal~

I forgot to mention in my last episode review that the OP, “Koko wa Doko,” by Ahomushi upbeat, humorous, and all kinds of fun. In episode 2, I noticed the same (or similar) fiddle background music as in episode 1, and I like it. Hiyori Kouno, voice of Asuka, plays the “tsukomi chara” (straight man /punchline character) very well. Ichimichi Mao continues to do a great job with her character Homare, and she’s got a sexy voice.

are you lost sounan desu ka episode 2 asuka
(Asuka’s boobs though…)

So for story elements… Homare and Asuka look for water in the jungle, while Mutsu rests, and Shion tries to prove she’s dependable and capable. There are more funny and somewhat gross shenanigans as Homare gives Asuka a sock packed with wet earth and shows her how to press and suck water out of it. For a first meal, Homare offers sea urchin, cicadas, rotten jam, and seaweed. The way the girls eat it and react to it is hilarious.

are you lost sounan desu ka episode 2 mutsu
(Somebody had fun drawing this)

As far as fanservice, there wasn’t much that’s sexy, but it’s sure funny as hell. Shion says if she manages to pee again, Mutsu must drink it to stay alive. Then it starts raining, and Shion prances around in joy– with no panties under her skirt.

are you lost sounan desu ka episode 2 shion
(Something else is falling, too!)

~Are You Lost? Episode 3 Review: Master of the Island~

This show cracks me up!! There are so many funny scenes!

The girls are all building a shelter. Homare and Asuka go into the woods, where the latter finds a tuber that she thinks is edible for some reason. They do a skin test to see if it’s poisonous, which results in this lovely shot that looks like Asuka being fucked in the ass with a potato. I can’t stop giggling. I’m sorry… it’s just… too funny! Then there was the shower shenanigan, which was really just an excuse to see some “anime nudity” of Shion. And it reaffirmed Shion’s character as the ojou-sama, or spoiled rich girl.

are you lost sounan desu ka episode 3 review

Around 8 minutes in, Homare strips to her underwear to go diving in the water. Mutsu, who is with her, gives us some funny reactions to Homare’s boldness and being asked to strip, too. I think I’ll ship Mutsu and Homare. They already kissed, after all! That aside, Homare is a very attracive anime girl, and there are several funny and sexy shots of her in her underwear. There’s even a bulge for you know what. Watching a shameless fanservice anime like this is something I don’t do often, but I’m enjoying it mostly because of the comedy.

are you lost sounan desu ka episode 3 mutsu

There wasn’t as much survival-themed information to learn in this episode compared to the first two, I felt. That’s ok though. I did learn that you can eat hermit crabs. Just like last episodes, I enjoyed the bits of background music. The art and animation, you know, isn’t very good, and the CG waves are kind of annoying. Some cheapness is only to be expected from a low-budget fanservice anime with 13 minute episodes. It’s still tolerable. This is Anime Rants, and I thank you so much for stopping by to read! Have a wonderful day, or at least hang in there! Ja, ne! (And here’s a lovely, ecchi shot of Homare’s hot bod. Just cuz.)

are you lost sounan desu ka episode 3 homare underwear

(Images from: Sounan Desu Ka? Dir. N Nagayama. Ezola. 2019.)

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