Are You Lost? Episode 12 Recap/ Review

Do I really have to do this? The writers decided they’d save the grossest episode for last. I’m not sure if it would be better to play along and tell butt jokes, or perhaps act completely disgusted, or just stay my nonreactive, deadpan self. This was also an extremely simple/short episode without much to even fill up a basic recap. But here goes anyway.

Homare searches for water on the little rock island where she found Shion. All she finds is water contaminated by bat shit. So without any water, she and Shion set out on the bamboo/plastic raft to go back “home”… to that other stranded island. On the way there, both girls are suffering from dehydration. They might pass out. So in order to give their bodies some kind of moisture, Homare decides they should put the bat-shit-water up their asses because water can be absorbed that way after it passes through the colon.

Am I joking? Nope. Expect all lines drawn to be crossed in this episode. Nothing gross is really shown much, but you know what’s happening nonetheless. Homare transfers bat-shit-water from her mouth to Shion’s asshole. And Shion does the same for Homare. It’s 20% “haha that’s funny,” and 80% “WTF that is disgusting.” So let’s move on. Homare and Shion make it back to the island. The last few minutes of the episode show the girls getting back to business as usual for them. The next task is to set up a boar trap. Of course, you have to cover your hands with boar poop to do it. In case anyone cares, we get a ridiculous panty shot of Shion at this point.

The very last scene shows a boat quickly zooming through the ocean. Inside it is Homare’s father, saying he’ll find her soon. And I think that’s about all the resolution we’re going to get. I’m going to save my opinions and thoughts about this show overall for my short series review. I hope you’ll read it when it’s done. And if you’ve followed along with these episode reviews for Are You Lost, or just stopped by for the last one, I want to thank you either way. I really appreciate you visiting here at Anime Rants. Jya, ne!

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(Images from: Sounan Desu Ka? Dir. N Nagayama. Ezola. 2019.)

One thought on “Are You Lost? Episode 12 Recap/ Review

  1. I’m not sure if the people who ship Homare and Shion will enjoy the scene of them getting so close lol. The series ends with a lack of resolution, but at least the manga continues the story. The latest chapter I read has the father finding two other students who are that island (a boy and a cross dressing girl).

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