Are You Lost? Episode 6 and 7 Review/ Recaps

Anime Rants e Youkoso! (Welcome!) It’s time for next two chapters of Are You Lost? / Sounan Desuka? This is a fun, survival-themed fanservice show about four girls stranded on an island. Please enjoy my thoughts on these midseason episodes!

–Episode 6 Review: Rabbit Tasting–

In general, the fanservice in this show is silly and there for laughs rather than being something that could ever turn me on. Silly or otherwise, there was no fanservice to be seen in ep 6. That’s part of why it was one of the most serious and gritty installments so far. The whole episode focused on killing, cutting apart, and cooking the rabbit the girls managed to catch. Rather than being boring, it was a great introduction to how to prepare wild-caught food. The girls’ reactions to the various steps were highly entertaining.

are you lost? sounan desuka? episode 6. Mutsu

Kudos to all the girls for doing their parts and trying their best in this episode. Mutsu tried to kill the rabbit but couldn’t do it, so Asuka reluctantly took over, and killed it by whacking it in the head with a branch. Homare taught the girls how to make stone blades, but only one of them was good enough with crafts to actually make a good one: Shion. Determined to learn and not stay “useless,” Mutsu followed Homare’s instructions on how to cut open the rabbit, remove the organs, and skin it. It was difficult for her, but she did very well!

are you lost? sounan desuka? episode 6. Shion.

Shion contributed again by thinking up a good way to prepare and serve the meat, steaming it slowly with salt and edible leaves in the style of French cuisine. For a multi-course meal, the girls made broth from the rabbit bones and vegetble-like stems of leopard plants. Finally, all the girls ate and enjoyed the soft, juicy rabbit meat. Asuka kept one bone from the rabbit and, after the meal, thanked it. It was her way of respecting the animal she killed. I thought it was a sweet and appropriate thing to do, as I would have done the same.

are you lost? sounan desuka? episode 6. Asuka.

–Episode 7 Review: Exploring The Island–

This was another episode without any fanservice, focusing entirely on the plight of the girls, exploration of the island, and of course, some good, silly comedy. Searching for a better campsite, Homare and Mutsu explore the island more thoroughly. Homare chose Mutsu to go with her because, as I pointed out in a previous episode review, Mutsu is the most adaptable and thus suited for survival. You may recall that I ship Homare x Mutsu, so this felt awesome for me! However… Asuka and Shion catch up with them and accompany them after all, too scared and unreliable to be on their own for a day or two.

are you lost? sounan desuka? episode 7.

Another food source is obtained when Asuka finds yuzu trees bearing fruit. (If you didn’t know, yuzu are citrus fruits similar to oranges but harder, smaller, and more sour. They can be green to yellow.) Shion discovers a collapsing house, but it’s not suitable for a shelter. The funniest part of the episode is when Homare discovers garden sheers in the old house, takes them apart, and makes them into a pair of knives. She’s so adorably excited and enthusiastic over having knives that the other girls are a little thrown off. I’m the same way with getting excited over blades. xD

are you lost? sounan desuka? episode 7. Homare.

The episode ends with something of a cliffhanger, as Homare spots a string of smoke from a campfire or signal fire. Is someone else stranded on the island? We’ll find out next week. Now, thank you for reading my episode reviews of this silly little anime! It may not be a “good” anime, but it’s doing a great job keeping me entertained. I appreciate your readership so much! Have a great day! Mata Ashita, nee!!

are you lost? sounan desuka? episode 7. yuzu.
(When life gives you unripe Yuzu… just eat it anyway!)

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(Images from: Sounan Desu Ka? Dir. N Nagayama. Ezola. 2019.)

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    1. My pleasure! Thank you for the comment. 🙂 It is a fun show, but I’d say it’s more “humorous” than “cute” most of the time. It can be a little gross, lol.


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