Are You Lost? Episodes 8 and 9 Review /Recaps

Hello and thanks for visiting me at Anime Rants today. Next up are my reviews of Sounan Desu ka? (Are you Lost?) episodes 8 and 9. Enjoy!

Are You Lost? Episode 8 Review: Oasis Found?!

The girls discovered a natural onsen (hot spring). Hot water flows up from somewhere, somehow, and instead of going out into the ocean, it stays in one tub-like area because humans in the past arranged the rocks that way. But when the evening tide comes, the cold ocean water rises over those rocks and mixes with the hot water. I don’t really get why there would be a hotspring right on the shore, but IDK, maybe it happens. I don’t know much of anything about how hot springs work.

are you lost sounan desu ka episode 8 ecchi bath onsen

Anyway, the girls enjoy soaking in a yuzu bath. They’re naked, so there’s plenty of fanservice here, but none of it struck me as particularly funny or particularly sexy. It was boring how the girls’ bodies all look exactly the same. In the tub, Mutsu goes on a long, long rant about stars and astronomy. I had no idea she was into that stuff. When the the tide came, the girls were almost washed away, but they made it back to shore safely.

are you lost? sounan desu ka? episode 8. anime nudity. naked mutsu.

Homare found some rope in a narrow stretch of water between two cliffs. In what seems like one of the stupidest parts in the series so far, she jumps into the water ten meters below to retreive the rope. (Actually, though, Homare wasn’t being stupid. She set up a surprisingly sophisticated way to make sure the water was deep enough to jump in first. Still, it’s lucky there weren’t any sharp rocks where she jumped in.) The rope doesn’t have any significance in this episode, but I’m sure it will in the future.

A major thunderstorm rolled in and the girls were stuck being soaked since their shelter wasn’t enough to protect from the heavy, angled rain. Then, Asuka got electrocuted, lol. That is to say, she got an electric shock from a distant lightning bolt when she stupidly went out into the water during the storm. Obviously, it wasn’t a strong enough shock to kill her, but it did knock her out. Homare carried her safely to shore.

sounan desu ka? episode 8. Are you lost? episode 8. Funny. Asuka.

The girls make a lightning rod because they were so scared of getting struck by lightning. The next day, the storm has passed, and Asuka immediately went back out into the water, only to get shocked by electric jellyfish. Poor, impulsive Asuka.

Are You Lost? Episode 9 Review:

I learned a lot from this episode, actually, and to my delight, I ran into one bit of useless information I already knew! That would be the bit about how dandelion sap can help relieve itching and pain from bugbites. I love random information I’ll probably never use just as much as Homare apparently loves knives. She looks so happy in this episode as she makes an adhesive and uses that plus the rope to form a handle for her knife. Homare also makes a little wooden scabbard for her dear knife. I’m surprised she didn’t name it.

sounan desu ka episode 9. are you lost episode 9. Homare loves her knife.

While looking for food in the ocean, Homare catches a squid. At the same time, Asuka is wondering if there’s any way to make sunblock since she got a bad sunburn on her neck. Turns out there’s several natural forms of sunblock. One of them is squid ink, apparently highly effective. Another is the liver and fats from a squid, but of course, it stinks like dead squid. Poor ojou-sama Shion hates that she stinks after applying sunblock, but Homare assures her that all of them stink. They just don’t realize it anymore because of olfactory fatigue, the technical term for getting desensitized to smells.

sounan desu ka episode 9. are you lost episode 9. Homare funny squid

A third form of sunblock is slime made from crushed, boiled, and strained seaweed. Homare makes a batch of this stuff, but Shion drops the pot, and it all falls on Homare. Naturally, Asuka scoots underneath her to take any of the sunblock that drips off of Homare’s body. That’s why we ended up with that token yuri shot of Homare on top of Asuka. 7mononoke does not approve, because my yuri ship is Homare x Mutsu! xD

sounan desu ka episode 9. are you lost episode 9. Homare. funny. sunblock.

This episode was riddled with funny flashbacks of Homare’s father teaching young Homare all sorts of survival skills. At the end of the episode, Homare points out that she learned all she knows from her dad, and Mutsu says everyone should be grateful to him. Homare smiles and says that her dad’s teachings are always correct. And then the somewhat sweet moment was ruined by Asuka and Shion thinking, “Does she have a father complex?”

sounan desu ka episode 9. are you lost episode 9. Homare's papa.

There were some minor annoyances, plus the general stupidity of this series to deal with, but still, I enjoyed these episodes overall. Especially episode 9. Thank you for reading! It really means a lot to me. I hope you’ll come back and visit again soon! Have a good day and take care of yourself! Bye now!

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(Images from: Sounan Desu Ka? Dir. N Nagayama. Ezola. 2019.)

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  1. There is a beach in New Zealand called Hot Water Beach where you take a shovel and dig a hole. Depending on where you are on the beach, you get varying temperatures of water. It’s surreal, but some of the pools we dug were way too hot for me.

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