Are You Lost? Episode 4 and Episode 5 Reviews

Welcome to my next biweekly review of Sounan Desuka? AKA Are You Lost? Please enjoy!

Episode 4 Review: Trap

The episode was spent setting traps in the hopes of catching animals to eat. We learned about four kinds of traps, but Homare settled on snare traps. Other than the usual funny and gross shenanigans involving Homare, the episode mostly focused on Asuka. Mutsu, who I’ve been viewing as the boobs-character, had better watch herself, because Asuka’s huge melons are nothing to scoff at. But boobs were not the point here; the point is to see a large number of shots of Asuka’s panties. I’ve included just one for simplicity’s sake.

You’d expect Asuka to be gung-ho catching animals, since she comes across as the genki-girl/ tomboy character, but actually, she can’t even stand the idea of killing a large toad. So she releases it, and there are no fried frog legs for these hungry girls. Meanwhile, the spoiled Shion doesn’t even help with setting the traps because she doesn’t want anything to do with killing animals. It’s not like I don’t understand her, but she’s going to have to move past those tough feelings to survive. Besides survival specialist Homare, I believe the lovely Mutsu-chan is the most well-adapted to this difficult island life.

I’m a yuri fangirl and as of episode 3, my ship is Homatsu (Homare x Mutsu). It wasn’t exactly romantic, but the two of them did have a moment together, wherein Homare gave an intense, in-your-face warning to Mutsu. The warning was that she won’t survive if she doesn’t learn to set traps and kill animals. Homare’s expressions are almost always funny. Her frightening gravity in this scene was humorous in its own way, too.

Episode 5 Review: A Strange Turban Shell

It was strange, and slightly refreshing, to have an episode with so little ecchi comedy or fanservice. About all there was were shots of Asuka and Homare in their undearwear. If it hadn’t been established before, all the Japanese highschool girls stranded on this island have unnaturally large boobs. Homare’s are more attractive imo compared to Asuka’s cumbersome cow udders. 😛 Incidentally, they were in their underwear so they could go diving in search of food.

Speaking of food, yes, we have yet more meal troubles. After water, and the bare minimum of a shelter, I guess the ongoing struggle is food. Homare once again proves that she’s a great caregiver for others and very responsible. She takes some major risks and injures her hand a little while diving. Shion can’t stand that all they have to eat are starfishes– until she realizes how hard Homare worked. Then, for once, the spoiled Ojou-sama acted kind and polite, eating the starfish and saying it was delicious.

Shion continued to be a major focus of the episode. The other three girls were checking the traps to see if anything had been caught, when suddenly, Asuka lights a fire on the beach. She says she thought she saw a ship and was trying to signal it. But, realizing she must have been mistaken, Shion bursts into tears, with Asuka and Mutsu following suit. However, everyone revived their “spirits” and sense of hope by having a barbecue party with Wrasse fish caught by Homare and Shion. There was even tea made from spice-tree twigs. It was nice to see them celebrating.

With that, my rant and reviews for episodes 4 and 5 are finished. Thank you so much for coming by and reading my work today. Have a wonderful day! If it isn’t so wonderful, just try to hang in there, and believe better days will come! 🙂

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(Images from: Sounan Desu Ka? Dir. N Nagayama. Ezola. 2019.)

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