Are You Lost? Eps 10 + 11 (Terrible Mood Reviews)

Fuck this shit. 7mononoke is in a terrible mood. She doesn’t have her medications scheduled like normal this month. The terrible mood can’t be helped much. So I decided to do Terrible Mood Reviews (TM) wherein I can be as brief as I want and curse all I want and do really whatever else I want. I ain’t hiding my awful moodiness so deal with it.

Episode 10 Review: HONEY BEE

So, those girls found a shotload of bamboo and used rafts and the fucking sea somehow to transport them to their shelter. And with those they made a their shelter give a bamboo roof and rain gutter. Shion is such a little fucking bitch. First she threw up all over the bamboo because seasickness. Then she got all uppity and refused to help make temporary tools from bamboo. And she cried because of a bee that didn’t even sting her. I’m kind of an ojou-san in a way, so I normally try to have mercy for spoiled brats, but not today. Screw her.

That honey bee that was flittering around Shion led Homare to a bee hive. Them girls need carbs and honey is just the thing. But they also gotta avoid getting stung because even honeybees can cause allergic reactions. You’d think they already been stung once in their lives by honeybees but I guess everyone’s different. Naturally Homare gets some stings but she’s fine because she’s not allergic. But they got a fuck ton of honey in the end because of teamwork or whatever.

There are fish-like things called sole that hide underwater in the the sand. You can catch them and eat them. So that’s what the girls do. Homare and Asuka do well, but then that shitty shion wants to go fishing too, so Homare takes her out and lets her try to catch something from the bamboo raft. While Homare is diving a little ways away, shitty Shion gets caught up in a rip current and carried waaay far away. Oh no! Now the other girls will have to rescue her somehow! I don’t fucking care though. Let’s just abandon Shion. She’s a pain.

Episode 11 Review: We Will Rescue Her

Homare goes looking for the little shit Shion on a raft. I guess I have to admit that shitty Shion did really try her best, try not to cry, and to not give up. She found an island that’s more like a big rock and tried exploring it a bit. Homare almost gives the fuck up looking for Miss Shit but then she remembers another memory with her weird crazy father and it inspires her to keep going.

Because of some stupid stunt pulled with a bamboo pole, Homare sees far enough to spot the rock island. She magically gets there before dark and meets up with Shitty Shion. Ok I admit I’m a little bit happy that the little shit isn’t dead. Ok the end. Thank you and all that.

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(Images from: Sounan Desu Ka? Dir. N Nagayama. Ezola. 2019.)

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