Seiyuu Series: Aoi Yuuki

Aoi Yuuki is one of my top three favorite female seiyuu (Japanese voice actors). Here, I’ll list some of the roles she’s played, adding my notes and thoughts afterward. To keep things to a reasonable length, I didn’t list all of Miss Yuuki’s roles, but rather, only the ones I’ve heard or that I’m familiar with. Let’s get started to see what this beautiful and gifted woman has done.

(The beautiful Aoi Yuuki)

Akira Touka (Shikabane Hime Aka and Shikabane Hime Kuro)

Arisa (Death March to the Parallel World)

Boogiepop (Boogiepop wa Waranai 2019)

Clementine (Overlord)


Dianne (Nanatsu no Taizu)

Fremy Speedraw (Rokka no Yuusha)

Futaba Sakura (Persona 5 The Animation)

Hibiki Tachibana (Senki Zesshou Symphogear)


Houjou (Teasing Master Takagi-san)

Iris (Selected Pokemon movies)

Kayo Hinazuki (Erased)

Kino (Kino’s Journey – 2017 version)


Kiriya (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

Komachi Hikigaya (Oregairu)

Korone (Demon King Daimaou)

Krul Tepes (Owari no Seraph)


Kurona (Tokyo Ghoul Root A and Tokyo Ghoul Re)

Madoka Kaname (Madoka Magica series and movies)

Mina Tepes (Dance In The Vampire Bund)

Narrator (Goblin Slayer)


Oboro (Gintama)

Ringo (Daily Lives of Highschool Boys)

Suisho Hakamada (Granbelm)

Sunako Kirishiki (Shiki)


Supporting character voices (Hyouka)

Tamaki Kotatsu (Fire Force)

Tanya Degurechaff (Youjo Senki and Isekai Quartet)

Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)


Tsumigi Aozora (Asobi Asobase)

Tsuyu Asui (My Hero Academia)

Victorique de Blois (Gothic/Gosick)

Yuuki Konno (Sword Art Online II)



-Kino (2017 version)-

If you’re familiar with some of these roles, then you can see from the list that Aoi Yuuki can play a wide variety of character types. Mostly, however, she plays young girls with high voices, as her own voice is very high and cute. There are a few roles where she plays little girls in anime for young children, but more typically, she voices girls with attitude in anime for teens and adults. It really is amazing what this seiyuu can do. Madoka’s voice is timid and weak, Tsuyu’s voice is unique and dry, Tanya’s voice is loud and aggressive, and Kino’s voice is deeper but soft.

Speaking of Kino, I want to make a quick tangent here. The 2003 version of Kino’s journey is one of my favorite anime, and I was not very welcoming of the newfangled 2017 version. However, I’ve mostly gotten used to it, and I can still appreciate it as a good anime. The fact that Aoi Yuuki voiced Kino helped a lot. Now here’s a bit of trivia. When Miss Yuuki was much younger, she played a supporting role in one episode of Kino’s Journey (2003). That girl admired Kino a lot. So it’s all the more wonderful that the adult Aoi Yuuki got to play the new Kino.

First Time Hearing

I watched Madoka Magica in 2014, and to be honest, I was not too impressed with the voice of Madoka. But I soon learned that’s just because she was playing a very quiet and unsure character for most of the series. Anyway, this was my first time hearing Miss Yuuki’s voice. I believe the next time would be Tatsumaki in One Punch Man, and it was there where I committed her high-pitched and powerful voice to memory. I didn’t realize until much later than the feisty Tatsumaki was played by the same seiyuu as Madoka. What a surprise!

Favorite Role


I’m not actually sure which would be my very favorite role, since I love several. But for today, I’ll pick Sunako Kirishiki from Shiki. This empty-eyed girl is a vampirical shiki (corpse demon). I love the way she acts out this character so excellently. Sunako is usually reserved in public, but when she speaks, she speaks her mind even when it’s a bit insensitive. She is mysterious, wise, and contemplative when she shows her true self. The voice sounds most similar to Victorique in Gosick, but a little more melancholy. I was especially impressed by the way Aoi Yuuki spoke the lines about Sunako’s loneliness and cried.

That wraps up my thoughts for today. Thank you ever so much for reading. Sayonara for now!

P.S. Now that I’ve covered 5 female seiyuu, the next five will be male ones.

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