A Look Into Yandere Love Part 3

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Today I’m continuing my series about yandere girls. This may be the last one for a while, but I’m sure I will revisit the subject at some point. Alternatively, I might write about a few male characters considered yandere. To get things started, there’s a reminder section that defines yanderes. Afterward, we’ll look at example cases of yanderes and analyze what sort of love or love-like emotions they harbor.

Warning: Spoilers for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Shiki (Corpse Demons)

About Yanderes

Yanderu is a Japanese word for mentally insane. Deredere is a Japanese slang meaning love-struck. So the word yandere (yan + dere) is portmanteau. The accepted defintion of a yandere is a character type that seems loving and innocent, but is also extremely obsessive about their crush. Sometimes, they go against the crush’s wishes by being controlling, and many lean toward violent behavior. With that in mind, we’ll examine our exemplar cases.

Case 1: Shion Sonozaki

Hailing from the Higurashi series, Shion Sonozaki is the younger twin of Mion Sonozaki, heir to the family and a position of power in the village. Mion may be a yandere as well, but this time I’m focusing on Shion. Since birth, she was treated horribly, especially by her evil grandmother. This explains a good deal of what set her up for insanity. When Shion came back to the village against her family’s wishes, she fell in love with a boy named Satoshi. But her family was enemies with his family, and so she was persecuted and even tortured for this “crime.”

Shion’s yandere tendency became evident when she bullied and hurt Satoko, the little sister of Satoshi. She did it because she realized that Satoko’s neediness and dependency were huge emotional burdens on the boy she loved. Later, Satoshi disappeared, and Shion assumed he was killed by her mafia-like family. (They didn’t directly confirm or deny it.) At the same time, Shion became infected with Hinamizawa Syndrome, which drove the nails of finality into her madness. She began a plot to kill everyone who might have been connected to Satoshi’s death, killing five victims, including Satoko. In Shion’s mind, this revenge proved her love for Satoshi.

There was another factor complicating things during the murders– something which again shows Shion’s violent yandere nature. Almost a year after Satoshi’s disappearance, a new boy named Keiichi moved to town. Despite her attraction to him, Shion tried to deny it because it was a betrayal to Satoshi, and her sister already liked him. However, as the murders unfolded, Shion did not kill Keiichi. It was her failure to do so that caused Keiichi and Rena to conclude the identity of the murderer.

Even after this, Shion had the chance to torture and kill Keiichi, but she didn’t. Keiichi was the only survivor connected to the murders. A month later, Shion finally did force herself to attack the young man, but the stab wound didn’t kill him. So despite having no problems killing his friends, the insane Shion on some level cared about Keiichi. In the end, this yandere died the same night by falling from a high floor of an apartment building. Before dying, she looked up at the moon, apologized to Satoshi, and wished for a second chance.

Case 2: Megumi Shimizu

Megumi was always a girl with a temper, but toward the beginning of the story, she was quite justified in being so. Her personality is one that loves fashion, luxury, and variety. She envies urban life but is stuck for another year or two in an extremely isolated village out in the sticks. Everyone thinks this is just an amusing phase, and she can’t be serious about wanting a city life. So Megumi is often grumpy and even hateful toward the villagers in return. She is even curt to to the kind girl who tries to be her best friend. The other thing is that Megumi is a teenage girl, and most of us were moody bitches during that time in our lives, too.

Anyway, Megumi has an enormous crush on Yuki, an attractive but taciturn young man who is also unhappy with the village for his own reasons. Yuki does not return the affection, nor does he give Megumi even the smallest amount of attention. Megumi’s yandere tendencies begin here, with her obsession. She began to spend time near Yuki’s house, trying to watch him through his bedroom window. If only things hadn’t gone to hell in this anime, Megumi would have turned out alright. She just needs to get over her obsession. But the village is infested with shiki (vampirical corpse demons). They are slowly and quietly taking over and turning humans into new shiki. Megumi was one of the first victims.

After dying and reawakening as a shiki, Megumi’s mind became twisted, and I can’t really blame her. Like many shiki, she was lonely, feeling a terrible sense of isolation on both personal and existential levels. So she adopted the common logic of the shiki: if you are truly fond of a human, then force them to come over to your side. Megumi wants to be the one to drink Yuki’s blood and make him a shiki. However, she is made to follow the orders of the shiki in charge, who does not assign her to kill Yuki. The vampire girl continues to watch Yuki for a while. In the meantime, she turns vicious from jealousy, and enjoys taking blood from Yuki’s best friend. Eventually, she kills him, and he becomes a shiki too.

In the end, Megumi is cruelly slaughtered by the angry villagers once they all find out about the shiki infestation. But while she was alive, what was she thinking and feeling? In what sense and to what extent did she love Yuki? Let’s move on to conclusions.


Let’s look at Megumi first. Compared to some of the yanderes I’ve looked at in this series, she is a very simple case. Her feelings for Yuki at no point contained any kind of altruistic love. What she feels is the stubborn, selfish obsession of a child. She already knew Yuki was ignoring her, and even disliked her, but she kept stalking him, obstinately holding on to her fairy tale ideas.

Now, things do get a bit more nuanced once Megumi becomes a shiki. At that point, she wants Yuki’s company out of pure loneliness, and has surely realized that he will never love her. She still wants to be the one to bring Yuki over to the shiki side. This isn’t love, though. It’s lonely desperation. Megumi may be a bitch, but she didn’t chose to become an undead monster and have all her dreams ripped away. Just my two cents. Like many yanderes, Megumi is a somewhat sympathetic character, even if she felt nothing more than obsession and bitterness.

Then we have the slightly more subtle case of Shion Sonozaki. Her feelings toward Satoshi were the genuine and innocent first love of a teenage girl who grew up isolated. But Hinamizawa Syndrome affected Shion, causing her to become violent and paranoid. By nature, she is stubborn and protective, and can get a little physical when upset. However, she isn’t by nature an insane murderer. The disease preyed on her weaknesses and lack of immunity. That’s why she so firmly believed that the village leaders killed Satoshi, and it’s why she lost her humanity and became a vengeful killer.

Shion’s feelings for Keiichi are not exactly clear, but they must be strong indeed if she was able to fight the Syndrome enough to spare his life for so long. What she felt may have been more like fondness for Keiichi, since he resembled Satoshi. Her attachment to him was also her last desperate clinging to humanity and hope. She wanted someone who would believe in her and be kind. Ultimately, she wanted to be forgiven. But since she deemed this impossible, her madness worsened. So in the end, Shion did try to kill Keiichi.

I hope you got some interesting insights into the yandere characters Shion and Megumi today. This series which dives into the stories and emotions of yanderes is here to prove a point, or several. Love is complex, not simple. Immature and selfish love can sometimes be the stepping stones into a more mature love. Normally loving individuals may be driven mad by abuse, loss, or other painful factors. It’s possible to sympathize with “crazy” characters and learn what goes through their minds. Bottom line, even these twisted characters with mental issues are trying to find solace through love. On some level, this describes all of us.

And with that, I’ll leave you to think everything over on your own. Thank you so much for reading my work today. I hope you’ll join me again soon at Anime Rants!

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